“The peak of infection and hospitalization in the fourth wave is behind us,” Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky wrote on Twitter. He added that he hopes for further declines in distance learning, which begins on Monday, which will extend the holiday of absence of children and young people from school.

“The peak of contagion and hospitalization in the fourth wave is behind us,” Adam Nidzelsky wrote. “The 3-week break in full-time study starting tomorrow should accelerate the decline,” he added.

The Minister of Health stressed that “Descent from high levels of infection and hospitalization is necessary in the context of the risks associated with the Omikron variant.”

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Health reported 15,976 new infections with the Corona virus. Another 70 patients died. The third case of the Omikron variant was detected in Poland in Gdansk – in a 7-year-old girl. A week ago, on December 12, 19,452 new infections and 66 deaths were recorded.

The Ministry of Health also reported that 512,473 people were in quarantine in the past 24 hours.

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31,586 beds and 2,896 ventilators have been equipped in hospitals for COVID-19 patients. The Ministry of Health announced that 23,219 patients were hospitalized, of whom 2,113 were connected to ventilators.

So far, 3,435,983 patients have been reported to have recovered.

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