Season 3, Episode 7 |  Between you and me with Paul Arcand

At age 17, after dropping off his resume at McDonald's, Paul Arcand knocked on the door of a radio station in Saint-Hyacinthe, CKBS, with a friend. Their show plan was rejected, but young Paul was hired.

Episode 7: Paul Arcand

“I think we disturb more than we influence,” says Paul Arcand. Approaching its final version Because you have to wake upThe host talks about his introduction to the microphone at age 17, his relationships with elected officials and his mother's influence on his work ethic.

Photo by Francois Roy, The Press

Host Paul Arcand with journalist Dominique Tardif during the recording of the podcast Just between you and me

Three quotes from our interview

About the return to politics of his former colleague Bernard Trinville

When he told me, “I'm going back, I'm running for CAQ,” I replied: 'Are you sure? It seems to me that life isn't so bad when you do what you do. In the summer, we are quiet. You wander through shopping centers and go door to door. But at the same time there are people who are bitten. Like hockey coaches who always want to come back. »

About his show secret conversation

“Your colleague Pres [Hugo Dumas] had made a list: you should call it so. We thought about everyone on our list, but people didn't like it. Marcel Aubut said no, Guy Cloutier said no. […] Anyone with a story deserves an interview, it's just a matter of deciding how it's done, it's not a free ride. I've already refused to do an interview because I wasn't comfortable with the person or because they wanted to put obstacles in my way. »

His reputation as a ruthless interviewer

“I remember [qu’à l’époque de l’émission Arcand à TVA], we had the intention of welcoming Lise Dion and Yvon Deschamps. And Liz Dion told my group: “But I've done nothing wrong, so why should I go on his show?” […] People always think we're a fad, but I'm not going to interview a crime victim like I'm asking a politician to elect me to manage the public's money. Tone varies. »

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