NASA “Mars Mission”.  Four daredevils were chosen

Human travel to Mars will not occur this decade, and it is difficult to say whether it will happen in the next decade. This is a complex task that requires proper preparation. NASA is aware of this and therefore wants to explore different scenarios now. Some research related to the project Hera.

HERA (human exploration research analogue) Simulated mission to Marswhich aims to investigate The effect of isolation on people who live in small spaces. The project involves confining several people in a private habitat. Their mission will be to carry out the activities that await astronauts during a real mission to the Red Planet.

NASA has announced that four people have been selected to participate in the Human Exploration Research Analog Project. Three of them are Americans: Jason Lee, a professor at the private school at the University of Connecticut; Stephanie Navarro, a space operations specialist in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, and Bayoumi Wijesekara, an intern at a NASA center. The fourth person is an Emirati citizen, pilot Sharif Al Rumaithi.

As part of Project Hera, four daredevils He will spend 45 days on a simulated mission to Mars. The project is scheduled to be completed on June 24. Later, the results of the study will be presented, which must be analyzed first.

Mission members will play the role of astronauts and perform activities as if they were actually on Mars. NASA even put it on the schedule Simulation of walking on the surface of the red planet This will be done using virtual reality-based solutions.

This will be the second mission under the HERA project. The first ended on March 19 of this year. NASA has two other plans. Completion is scheduled for December 20.

Currently, NASA is focusing on the Artemis mission, returning humans to the Moon. A manned expedition to Mars is still said to be a long way off It will not be achieved sooner than in the 1940s. Moreover, this project will cost billions of dollars, and the agency is currently facing problems in delivering the first samples from the Red Planet on time, as it reported a few days ago.

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