February 2, 2023


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Scotland will conduct its own investigation into the government's response to the pandemic

Scotland will conduct its own investigation into the government’s response to the pandemic

The investigation will look at decisions made during the pandemic with a view to drawing conclusions should they happen again.

Pressures of organizations associated with the families of the deceased

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said earlier she would have liked to see one investigation across the UK. But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in May that an independent public inquiry into the authorities’ actions would not begin until next spring. An investigation has long been pressured by organizations that bring together families of people who died during the pandemic.

Four types of damage

The Scottish government said special attention will be given to investigating four areas of damage from the pandemic: the direct impact of COVID-19 on human health, including illness and death in nursing homes; Other health problems caused indirectly by COVID-19; social impact, including impact on education; Economic effects. The commission will also investigate “events of public interest”, such as the rise in deaths in nursing homes, and examine explanations for decisions made and why “anything may not have gone as expected”.

Sturgeon and former Scottish Health Minister Jane Freeman have admitted that the way elderly people were discharged from hospitals to nursing homes at the start of the pandemic was a mistake. More than 1,300 elderly people were returned to nursing homes before a reliable coronavirus testing system was put in place.

Corona virus in scotland

Nearly 391,000 have been detected in Scotland since the start of the pandemic. Corona virus infection, which led to the death of 8,080 people, but with cases where COVID-19 was entered on the death certificate as a possible cause, despite the lack of testing, the number of victims exceeded 10,000.

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In the United Kingdom, health care is a decentralized competence, that is, the decisions of the British government in this area apply only to England, and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the decisions are made by local governments.

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