January 30, 2023


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Nie popierałem żadnych działań wojennych i nigdy ich nie będą popierał - powiedział w sobotę w wywiadzie dla japońskiej stacji telewizyjnej TBS rządzący Białorusią Alaksandr Łukaszenka, cytowany przez portal RBK.

Lukashenka: I do not support war. We are allies with Russia

I have not and will never support any military actions, Alexander Lukashenka, the governor of Belarus, said Saturday in an interview with Japanese TV station TBS, citing the RBK portal.

“I have not supported any war and never will. I want you to understand and know that neither for Russia, nor for Japan, nor for Ukraine, nor for America, war is not acceptable. As for our relations and our support for Russia in any case We are allies, we have signed the appropriate agreements– said Lukashenka.

He also stressed that “Belarus would not provide anything additional” regarding military operations against Ukraine and was not encouraged to participate directly. “Russia will deal with it alone, because it has enough potential” – added.

In a previous interview with the same TV Lukashenka He expressed his conviction that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will end in the coming days. In his opinion, Volodymyr Zelensky should accept Vladimir Putin’s peace proposals. Otherwise, the fighting will continue until Kyiv surrenders.

First of all: Russia offers Ukraine – Putin Zelensky, I know for sure – a very convenient option for an armistice. Today it is possible for Ukraine to align with Russia. Zelensky to sign a truce with Putin. If Zelensky does not agree to this, you will see that he will have to sign the act of surrender in time. Russia will not lose this war. You can be 100% sure of it. How does a war end in which one of the two sides wins? Japan knows that better than I do. Lukashenka confirmed.

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Politics at the end of February He admitted firing missiles from his country towards Ukraine. Indeed, somewhere in the Chernobyl region, where the Russian troops were maneuvering, two or three missiles were launched. – announced, describing it as a “compulsory step”. This was explained by the fact that Ukraine deployed 3-4 missile divisions near the northern border.