February 4, 2023


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10 thousand Kadyrov's fighters return to Ukraine.  They were on vacation

10 thousand Kadyrov’s fighters return to Ukraine. They were on vacation

Ramzan Kadyrov said, inter alia, that “the soldiers of the special units of the Chechen Republic are successfully solving the tasks set by the Russian command in Donbas and Ukraine.” “Our soldiers, together with the allied forces and units of the Russian Defense Ministry, are cleansing the Donbass from the Banderas, Nazis and demons in the most important areas,” he added in a propaganda statement. The following recording is attached to the letter:

According to the Chechen leader, all the actions of the militants are carefully planned and the plan does not provide for “deviations and emergencies.”

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The so-called Kadyrovtsy, or Chechen special units, make up an important part of the National Guard (Rosgard) – a formation created in 2016 on the basis of the internal forces of the Russian Interior Ministry and led by General Viktor Zolotov, the former head of personal affairs. Security of President Vladimir Putin. The Chechens joined the conflict in Ukraine almost immediately after the Russian invasion, were described as “capable of anything” and used, among other things, to pacify the civilian population. They have too They shot the retreating Russian soldiers.

The news about the return of Kadyrov’s forces to the front appeared against the background of information about the successful counterattack of the Ukrainians and the gradual exodus of Putin’s army from southern Ukraine.

A completely different picture of the situation, in line with the narrative of Russian propaganda that has persisted since the beginning of the war, was presented by Kadyrov in his Telegram speech: in the area of ​​​​responsibility of the units of the Chechen Republic is successfully advancing. ”

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According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Saturday, a detachment of 1.3 thousand people has already arrived in the occupied Kherson region. People to strengthen the Russian forces.

Source: pravda.com.ua, Telegram