Scientists have discovered the "world's oldest heart".  It is 380 million years old - Wprost

A group of scientists has made a groundbreaking discovery in Western Australia. According to the BBC, a team of researchers has found the “world’s oldest heart”. A 380 million-year-old organ has been preserved in the fossilized remains of a fish.

Finding fossils of living things from centuries ago is always a huge success for scientists, and further research allows for more discoveries that lead to a more detailed understanding of ancient organisms. The success of this group of scientists is phenomenal because tissue fragments are rarely preserved because they degrade so quickly.

“The oldest heart in history.” breakthrough discovery by scientists

a. Kate Triangstick of Curtin University in Perth told about the moment she and the other scientists on the team realized the significance of their discovery. – We gathered around the computer and realized we had a heart and we could hardly believe it! It was incredibly exciting – Kate Trinagistic reported. a. John Long of Flinders Iniversity in Adelaide described the find as “amazing and awe-inspiring.” In his opinion, he sheds new light on the hitherto unknown ball.

According to the BBC, studies carried out so far have shown that the heart of the fish found has a more complex structure than is assumed in the case of such ancient organisms. It is also known that it has two chambers, that is – in this aspect – similar in structure to the human heart.

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