Audra contamination.  All you do with dinoflagellates?  "In addition to terrible toxins, they produce oxygen"

The search is still going on Water in Odra RiverTo determine the cause of the collective dream fish. Scientists are also still developing their own hypotheses. It was also done by Dr. Magdalena Cubała-Kucharska, a specialist in family medicine and founder of the “Arcana” Institute for Integrative Medicine.

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Ecologist around the Odra River: Minister Groparchik who has disappeared is responsible

Audra contamination. Might be dinoflagellates?

Dr. Magdalena Cubała-Kucharska is primarily concerned with all heavy metals, toxins, and potential causes of many diseases of civilization. According to her, the current pollution of the Odra River may be due to the toxic algae in the river. The doctor admitted that she came to this conclusion a few weeks ago. I shared it on Instagram.

during a conversation with Virtual Poland abcZdrowie She admitted that she came to this conclusion when she found a dead fish in her pond. Then she changed the water and cleaned the bottom of the algae, which improved the hydration condition.

Dr.. Cuba during his stay in Cuba I got sick also on the diseasedue to dinoflagellates. Thus, the topic of biotoxins produced by these micro-crustaceans has long been close to its topic.

Algae-contaminated measles?

The debris, which Dr. Cuba suspects, is a type of algae essential to aquatic ecosystems. They increase the oxygenation of the water. – Papules really population marine ecosystems. In the meantime, the salinity of the water in the Odra River has increased, so it is possible that as a result an unknown type of microscope appeared with such a deadly potential. Death of fish and other animals, skin burns complained of contact Water Measles – these are the symptoms associated with the proliferation of papillomas – said Dr. Kubawa during an interview with WP abcHealth.

Dinoflagellates, like cyanobacteria, produce dangerous toxins. The massive bloom of dinoflagellates is called red tide. – Even our native algae, such as cyanobacteria, can cause a number of dangerous effects on human health: burns, nervous or digestive symptoms, including liver damage – the doctor adds. According to Dr. Kubawa, only extensive research on the river bed could indicate the possible presence of dinoflagellates or other types of microorganisms that produce harmful toxins. “Brushes are hard to spot because they require special staining. They are more crustaceans than algae. In addition to terrible toxins that damage the nervous system, liver and skin, they produce oxygen!” – said the doctor on Instagram.

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