“Sasquatch Sunset” the strangest movie of the year?  Starring in the main roles

In the misty forests of North America, a Sasquatch family – perhaps the last of their kind – embarks on an absurd, epic, funny and poignant journey that will last a year – reads the official description for one of the strangest films of 2024. What adventures will the Sasquatch family encounter on their journey? Viewers will soon find out.

They play the main roles Jesse Eisenberg (“Social Network”) Oraz Riley Keough (“Daisy Jones and the Six”). We'll also see actors like Krzysztof Zajac-Dinek (Twin Peaks) and Nathan Zellner (Damulka).

“Sasquatch Sunset” It was directed by brothers David and Nathan Zellner. The executive producer is Ari Aster, whose credits include some of the darkest contemporary films, such as “Midsommar” and “Because He's Afraid.” Jesse Eisenberg was also among the producers.

“Sasquatch Sunset” is described as an absurdist comedy. When watching the trailer, you can hardly recognize the actors due to the makeup covering them from head to toe. See for yourself in the trailer.

When Jesse Eisenberg saw the final cut of the film, he felt “incredibly relieved.” “There may be many versions of such a movie,” we read in Entertainment Weekly. ” […] [Zellnerowie] They created the most beautiful, sophisticated, emotional and at the same time serious version. “It's simply the best thing that can come out of it,” he adds.

While preparing for the role, the actors participated in special training with the movement coordinator to better reflect the movement of the titular Sasquatch. Moreover, as we learned from the aforementioned site, they watched videos of great apes, such as chimpanzees and gorillas, but they also looked at other animals. Riley Keough says she sat on the couch one evening and looked through animal videos on YouTube, looking for interesting behaviors she could imitate.

American audiences will have the opportunity to see “Sasquatch Sunset” on the big screen starting April 12. It previously premiered at Sundance. It is not known when it will be distributed in Poland. On Rotten Tomatoes, the production received 78% positive reviews from critics.

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