fast Avengers: Kang Dynasty auraFrom Avengers: Secret Wars It will become the most anticipated movie in the coming years. Marvel Studios meticulously implements its plan. However, fans noted that the Russo brothers, directors Avengers: Game Over, they have repeatedly told in interviews how they dream of directing Secret Wars. Will this happen?

Avengers 5 – who will direct?

Kevin Feige, president of the MCU and Marvel Studios, in an interview with gave a definitive answer: The Russo brothers will not direct these Avengers films. However, she made it clear that they wanted to find a project they could do together, but it definitely wouldn’t be these two Avengers movies. This explains the case of the Rousseau brothers.

– We don’t have a director for Secret Wars, but at some point you will see the announcements of the new director. No, they don’t lie to people. They are telling the truth. They are too busy running their AGBO empire and that makes the world a better place.

Watch the panel’s reaction video to the new Avengers announcement.

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Will the post-credits scenes introduce you to Avengers 5?

A journalist asked Kevin Feige about the post-credits scenes and whether the plan was to slowly introduce viewers to the story of the saga that led to the two Avengers shows.

The truth is, not all post-credits scenes are about the future. After all, there was a scene of them eating shawarma or Captain America talking about learning patience. That’s why sometimes you wait for something that is not worth it, but we always have fun. We don’t want them to give the impression that they are all the same. So, some post-credits scenes will introduce you to the saga, and others don’t. Some movies and series will be tied to a bigger story, and some won’t. It’s important that we have independent stories that introduce characters like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight as an addition to those related to each other and building a larger story.

Why are there no Avengers movies in Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU? Kevin Feige explains that due to the number of projects and the lack of time in between, creating some sort of climax with the Avengers just didn’t feel right. The first three stages ended with the Avengers films, but here the strategy is changed. Feige thinks it was right to let the two Avengers films be the culmination of the entire saga.

– We realized that everything is different now than it was in the first, second and third stages. There are more projects and fewer years to show so creating the climax didn’t feel right. We wouldn’t peak with Avengers every 10 months.

Avengers 5 and 6 will appear on screens in 2025.

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