Bożena Dykiel and Krzysztof Wakuliński: It was a great student love.  Why did they break up?

She is confident, direct, mobile, secretive, shy, and always aloof, yet they made a very good couple back in acting school. Their friends commented: “To this day, we wonder how Krzysek Wakolinski (…) happened to be friends with the coolest girl of the year.” And yet they leave the walls of the theater school as a couple in love and together they look forward to the future. How did the fate of Bożena Dykiel and Krzysztof Wakulinski go?

Bożena Dykiel and Krzysztof Wakuliński: A Love Story

Bożena Dykiel was born on August 26, 1948. There was no excess in her family’s home, but the actress herself recalls that, despite the poverty, she had a happy childhood. In her early years, she lived with her grandmother in Grabow near Kolno, and later joined her mother and two half-brothers in Warsaw and remained there.

At school, during a lesson in the Polish language, the teacher noticed young Bożena’s acting talent. She enrolled the student in the school theater troupe. A few years later, the Polish teacher herself “drived” her to the theater school. The guide felt that such a talented and beautiful girl would definitely get there and she was right. Bożena passed the exam on the first attempt and became a student at PWST in Warsaw.

At the university, the beautiful long-legged blonde caused a sensation and won the hearts of young students, but she was not interested in romance. Bożena Dykiel was remembered as a humble woman. “Almost immediately, she was the highest authority for her peers. She was not afraid of anything, she had a tough personality and a sober outlook on the world,” her friend from university described the actress.

Bożena Dykiel, 1976. Still from Brunet in the Evening

picture. Film archive / forum

She reacted reluctantly to her friends’ advances, and was not interested in fleeting affairs. She has been waiting for the person with whom she will become attached all her life. The actress confirmed in an interview with the program “VIVA!”

Krzysztof Wakuliński – from Warsaw, studied in the same year of acting school as Bożena Dykiel, but unlike his feisty and energetic colleague, he remained aloof, quiet and somewhat shy, and at the same time very sensitive. “To this day, we wonder how it came to be that Krzysiek Wakuliński, who is secretive and seemingly not too problematic, turned everyone away and became friends with the coolest girl of the year,” said friend of the year.

Meanwhile, Krzysztof Wakuliński could be likable, though distant and less entertaining than his other colleagues. Dark-haired, with a dreamy, romantic appearance and a beautiful, deep voice. It was basically this voice that made girls turn to him in the hallways of the university. Even when he was in high school and occasionally answering his sister’s phone calls, he made an impression on her friends. “But your brother has a divine voice!” They commented with joy.

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Krzysztof Wakulinski, 1989

Krzysztof Wakuliński Bożena Dykiel The story of the love they met in college Why did they break up

picture. Piotr Ciesla / RSW / Forum

Bożena Dykiel and Krzysztof Wakuliński: He captivated her with his voice

This “divine voice” also affected one of the most attractive and popular girls in the university. Bożena Dykiel was first captured by Krzysztof Wakulinski’s timbre of voice, and then by his entirety – the way he spoke to her and for what. It turns out that this shy and always secretive boy could open up to the actress. Then I was pleased to learn about his sensitivity, his outlook on the world, and his interests. The actress loved the fact that Krzysztof loved horses and was very good at staying in the saddle! “They just fit together. They never got bored of each other. They had a lot in common, common dreams and common goals.”He remembers the couple’s friends from their school days.

Bożena Dykiel first appeared in the famous STS while she was studying, which almost immediately made the film industry clamor for her. The young actress had a clear path in her career even before her graduation. Such products brought her recognition very quickly Wedding, This Love Must Be Killed, Janosek, Promised Land.

In the case of Krzysztof Wakuliński, the situation was quite different. He has been looking for his way for a long time. After graduation, like many other graduates, he tried to find himself in an acting profession, moving from film sets to radio. His list of successes certainly includes his role in Massa Raja and loop in Balzac’s great love.

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Bożena Dykiel, 1988. A scene from the movie “One Summer Day”

Krzysztof Wakuliński Bożena Dykiel The story of the love they met in college Why did they break up

picture. PAP / Witold Rozmyslowicz

Bożena Dykiel and Krzysztof Wakuliński: Why did they break up?

Bożena Dykiel and Krzysztof Wakuliński had less time for each other. They are just starting their life together, but they have hardly ever lived it together. Finally, the young actors’ paths began to diverge, and their relationship, while still filled with love, faced a crisis that they failed to overcome. Who knows, maybe if it weren’t for this intense time that overshadowed their relationship, they would still be together today. After all, they had very similar goals and values. They both want a family, a stable home, and a stable relationship.

In the end, they both found their way in their careers and in their private lives. Krzysztof Wakuliński realizes himself on the radio and on the national stage. He became involved with fashion designer Maria, whom he met on the set. As for Bożena Dykiel, she is now a happy wife, mother and grandmother. She met her husband, Ryszard Kirejczyk, in 1976 on the set of the Japanese movie Fires Are Always Alive and they are happily married to this day.

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Krzysztof Wakulinski, 1999

Krzysztof Wakuliński Bożena Dykiel The story of the love they met in college Why did they break up

picture. PAP / Ava Peixx / Krzysztof Wellmann

sources: switseriali.interia.plAnd encyklopediatru.plAnd film

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