Leaves, Please at a record low price in promotion on Steam and GOG
Aug 9, 2023, 22:05

For The Papers’ 10th Birthday Please This title can be purchased on Steam and GOG for a record low price. The creator has prepared a simplified version of his hit game, which you can check out for free.

Image source: Lucas Pope / 3909.


Exactly ten years ago, one of the best – and according to many indie games in the history of the industry – was released on the PC. We’re talking Papers, Please – a funky Lucas Pope production that’s kind of a mockery of the communist system.

w Papers, please The player takes on the role of a border official or officer in the fictional state of ArstotzkaWith very strict entry and exit rules. By analyzing the documents presented by the National People’s Congress – titled “Papers” – we have to make decisions about whether or not people can cross borders.

At first the job seems relatively simple and with a little practice we can discern a large number of applicants. However, as time goes by, there are additional things to check, for example fingerprints. If we suspect a delinquent, we can send him in for search.

From my own experience I can say that Papers, please Incredibly addictive – especially for a game in which, by the way, we go to work. By tapping quickly and being careful enough, we can find a golden mean between speed and accuracy in the “X-rays” of later people. In addition, the stories in which we participate, making decisions – consciously or unconsciously – contrary to the instructions given help us to engage in fun. In this way, we can lead to different endings to the game.

Papers, please at a historically low price

If you want to check Papers, pleasenow is a great opportunity to do so, because As part of the promotion on Steam and GOG, this title can be purchased for only PLN 7.19. It should be noted that this is a historically low price.

Papers, please on Steam for PLN 7.19

Papers, please on GOG – for PLN 7.19

You can take advantage of both offers until August 12th – respectively until 19:00 and 15:00 Polish time – by clicking on the buttons above. If you’re wondering if it’s worth buying this production, know that in a decade’s time on the Valve platform It has received over 61,000 reviews, of which 97% are positive.

It is worth noting that mobile versions of the game are also on sale – both on AndroidWhat on iOS. You will pay 9.69 PLN for the former and 9.99 PLN for the latter.

Demake to celebrate the tenth anniversary

People who Papers, please Interested, but don’t want to spend a single zloty on them, but they can play demake of this game. Interestingly, it is the work of Lucas Pope. In this way, the creator of the original celebrates the tenth anniversary of its successful production. Its simplified version can be found at This page.

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