Russia attacked Kharkov.  Rescuers among the victims

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Russia attacked Kharkov with several waves of strikes. Witness drones crashed into apartment buildings. During one of the raids, Ukrainian services were damaged. It is known that at least several people were killed, including three rescuers, and others were injured.

The Russians struck Kharkov at least four times. The head of the local military administration, Oleg Senegubov, announced the destruction of residential buildings.

The Ukrainian Air Force said that enemy drones arrived from the Belgorod region in Russia. At 1:11 a.m., the military warned that another group of attack drones was flying toward Kharkov.

Kharkiv: Russian drone attack. Residents and rescuers died

City Mayor Igor Terekhov explained this Russia It hit private buildings and residential complexes. In one of the skyscrapers, the upper floors were damaged and a fire broke out. in Kharkov At least three explosions occurred.

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“In a densely populated area of ​​Kharkov, we have four dead. There are also five wounded. In another area of ​​the city, one person was killed,” Terekhov said. Ukrainian services reported that the rescuers themselves also suffered.

“Rescuers who responded to a call at one of the addresses were repeatedly bombed by drones. Two of them died instantly as a result of their injuries, and another is on the way to the hospital. One rescuer was also injured. Three units of emergency services had equipment damaged,” – we read in the statement.

Over the past few weeks, the Russians have attacked energy infrastructure in Kharkov and the region. Power outage schedules have been introduced in the city.

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