Sanctions against Russia.  Apple is another company that doesn't make it easy for Putin to invade Ukraine

It’s not just countries that make Putin’s invasion difficult. Private companies also decided to restrict their activities in Russia.

Apple restricts operations in Russia

Apple has announced that it will suspend sales of its products in Russia, NBC reports. Apple does not have its own showrooms there, but the company’s products will not be available for purchase through them Internet and in stores other networks. However, Apple will still support and release updates for devices previously purchased in Russia.

also apps Russia Today and Sputnik will be visible and only available in Russia. The company has also stopped the function of showing traffic jams in Ukraine to protect people in the attacking country. The company also previously discontinued Apple Pay.

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Baka Pogorzelska: We need to cut Russia off as quickly as possible from the proceeds from the sale of raw materials

The Russian invasion of Ukraine began for the seventh day. At that time, many countries, incl. The United States, Monaco or Turkey, as well as the entire European Union, have imposed severe sanctions Penalties On Vladimir Putin’s regime. Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said this was the largest sanctions package ever. It includes excluding Russian banks from SWIFT systems or blocking access to technology. The British, in turn, cut off the golden visa program and banned Russians from investing in the country.

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Business and war in Ukraine

Russian armed aggression against Ukraine Many companies have been forced to close or suspend their branches in our eastern neighbours. These companies included LPP, CCC, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, UPS, FedEx and Danish logistics company DSV. Mines were also built in Ukraine. Production has been discontinued by ArcelorMittal and CoalEnergy.

More companies join the boycott of Russian brands. The products of these companies are withdrawn from their stores by Netto, Rossmann and Topaz. Airbus and Boeing suspended shipment of spare parts to Russia and support for domestic service users.


The Russian war against Ukraine continues. Information was received about homes destroyed, injured and dead. The needs are increasing hour by hour. That is why joins its efforts with the Polish Center for International Assistance (PCPM) Foundation to support humanitarian aid for Ukrainians and Ukrainians. Anyone can join the fundraiser by paying via Facebook or More information in the article below.

A special edition of the Ukrainian newspaper for people fleeing war. You can download it for free here.

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