Orlene to be divided?  “We have a dangerous level of concentration,” Obajtic replies

According to Maciej Bando There would be greater transparency in the Polish gas market if production, supply and sales were not in the same hands. According to him, the first step to reverse this trend is for Gaz-System to acquire the gas storage operator – Gas Storage Poland (GSP) from Orlen.

According to him, the next step should be the acquisition of the assets, that is, the gas storage facilities, by Gaz-System, because GSP is only the operator and Orlen remains the owner. Daniel Obajtek, former president of Orlen, did not like the proposal and reacted sharply to it in a post on Platform X.

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Gas storage facilities are crucial and this is a topic of conversation with Orlin

Maciej Bandu believes that storage facilities play a key role in liberalization activities on the gas market, provided that access to them and the rules for their use are transparent. – This is a topic for conversations with Orlene – he confirms.

He also supports separating distribution from sales and production. Another important issue from the point of view of liberalization of the gas market in Poland, in his opinion, is Polska Spółka Gazonictwa (PSG), the main operator of the gas distribution system, and its place in the Orlin structure.

– From my point of view, I would like to achieve maximum unbundling (separating distribution and transmission from sales and generation) of operators and provide them with the necessary assets. He confirms that the Paris Saint-Germain site is an area for talks.

Obajtek’s sharp reaction: Poles buy asparagus, and someone else has to earn it

Daniel Obajtek, former president of Orlen, reacted sharply to Maciej Bando’s words indicating the necessity of dividing Orlen.

“Cutting the Polish champion PO and selling him PO deprives him of market power until the big international players win back at the negotiating table. This means that the Poles will have to pay for their asparagus, and someone else will make money.” ” One way or another, no one in Italy is thinking of breaking up Eni, or in Spain Repsol or Norway’s Equinor. On the contrary, these companies are strengthened. In smiling Poland – on the contrary” – he wrote on his profile on X.

Let us remind you that the merger of Orlen with PGNiG took place in the fall of 2022. It was supposed to be an element of the process of consolidation of the fuel and energy sector, including Orlen fusionLotus and PGNiG.

last year The share of Orlin Group entities, formerly PGNiG, in gas sales to end users was 90.68%.1.68 points more than in 2022.

The value of the HHI index (used to measure the degree of concentration of a particular market) for the Polish high methane gas market in 2023 was 9528 by number of customers and 7525 by volume of gas sold. It is assumed that an HHI number above 5,000 means very high concentration in a particular market.

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