Claude Munier expressed hope for a rare time in the state of Serge Theriold

Claude Munier confessed to Sophie Durocher and Richard Martino for a rare time about the condition of his friend and lifelong partner, Serge Therial.

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In a new episode of “Apéro Piquant”, he pointed out to the animators’ duo that he did not in any way support the film “Dehors Serge Dehors” by Pierre-Luc Latulippe and Martin Fournier, which was released in November 2021. In some rooms.

“Without lying [le documentaire] Only 5% is mentioned in the bag. Sergey’s case is more complicated than that, “he told Sophie Drocher, who asked him if he had missed Sergey.

“I miss Serge. I missed him for a long time. Serge was already isolated, so even though we were next to him in his head and in his problems, we were bored about him,” he added.

“It simply came to our notice then [le film], But it was incomplete. When it is more complex than that, it is hypocritical to show it as a portrait of Sergei or a portrait of Sergei’s state. Great critique for me, the end of the film is completely wrong. He went for treatment, but it did not last long, ”said Claude Munier.

The movie “Dehors Serge Dehors” provides a platform for those close to the actor to thank the Paul et Paul team. The actor, who suffers from depression, has not set foot outside the house for six years.

According to Claude Meunier, the documentary does not honor the vow of loneliness and silence of his brother and creator, Serge Therial.

Excerpt from P’tite vie:

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A look back at the “La Petite Vie” controversy

Claude Meunier, during the podcast, returned to the hit “La Petite Vie” and the popular episode was withdrawn, then returned to ICI TOU.TV.

A viewer’s complaint led to the withdrawal of a public broadcaster in 2020 for fear of misinterpreting an episode of “La Petite Vie” and insulting some viewers. The retreating Radio-Canada finally chose to broadcast the warning message before hosting the worship service.

Instead of stunning or shocking the audience, the controversy would have attracted those interested. The project still accumulates hundreds of thousands of ratings each week, argued Claude Munier, author and translator of the famous Boba.

The comedian also recalled times when extreme caricatures of marginalized people, such as the gay man saying “Fif” and “Maumoon”, made people laugh, but he understood that this style of speech was outdated.

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