Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra, 432 MP

The 432MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra? This could be the case in 2024, when the next flagship of the Korean company will likely be presented. Below are the new ISOCELL HW1 and HW2 matrices and their specifications. Will Koreans change the face of mobile phone photography?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has not been officially introduced yet, and are we already talking about the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra? Yes, that’s right, because I can’t imagine any other scenario for the new matrices from the Korean company like ISOCELL HW1 and HW2.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra – 432MP reality? Auto ISOCELL HW1 and HW2

A company from the Korean peninsula is currently working on new sensors that will create cameras in new smartphones. We are talking about units whose size will be very physical Close to 1 inch, while dissolving it will bury any previous records. It’s about to 432 megapixel either way.

The HW1 also offers a single pixel size of 0.56 µmwhile HW2 already 0.50 µm. If they “jumped” from 200 megapixels, why not come up with something with a density of 432 megapixels that would fit into a matrix with a diagonal of less than 1 inch?

This procedure is certainly intended to combine these small pixels into larger pixels and “make magic” with the software. The magic includes better performance in poor lighting conditions, reducing noise and improving the accuracy of your shots.

There’s something new coming – but is it better?

This question is certainly valid here, because we will have a very large number of pixels crammed into relatively small arrays. Such manipulations are unlikely to have a positive impact on performance, unless a significant portion of the final result depends on millions of algorithms running at the moment the image is taken. This is exactly what happens with smartphones.

As Google Pixel smartphones perfectly illustrate, software in the case of smartphone cameras is crucial and can also make up for “hardware shortcomings” to a large extent. Not to mention the case of combining the best software available with the best hardware available.

What will come of it? We’ll see.

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