Bethesda sent a gift box for 'Grandma Skyrim'
March 13, 2022 at 12:10

author: Patrick Dukasz Kobeck

Despite the fact that because she had a stroke, it is not known how the career of the legendary games “Granny Skyrim” would develop, Bethesda decided to take care of the well-being of a loyal fan. The studio sent Shirley Curry a huge gift box.

Do you remember the famous “Skyrim granny”? Shirley Curry has nearly a million subscribers YouTube channel And even recently posted videos of gameplay The Elder Scrolls V. In February/March, the news broke that the woman had had a stroke and had little recollection of how she did in the world. Skyrim.

Her gaming career was in question, but Fans all over the world showered her with words of support And wishes a speedy recovery. Bethesda, the studio responsible for the series, has decided to take care of fans of the production TES.

Fantastic gift package

Vinyl record, special graphics, cookbook, as well as many other unique items you refer to Skyrim It was in a package that Carrie received from the developers. The old player praised the gift in the post on Twitter, which we post below.

This morning I picked up a big package from Bethesda and Jess [chodzi o Jessicę Finster, starszą liderkę społeczności w studiu – dop. red.]! There were many tools inside! I’ll show you each element in a special video! Thank you so much!

As announced, the “Grandma Skyrim” I posted a vlog from time to timeIn which she offered her gifts again.

Once again, she thanked everyone who supported her in a difficult situation, as well as the developers themselves – especially speaking warmly about self-reported Jessica Fenster on Twitter, who wrote the letter attached to the package to Carrie herself.

Shirley Curry in The Elder Scrolls 6

Even before the Youtuber’s health issues, Bethesda members – and above all – fans of the company’s games, were known to think of a woman. As an expression of his presence in the next batch Sheikh manuscripts as independent form.

This is the result of the petition signed by nearly 50,000. people. As a result of this initiative, the “grandmother” went to the studio headquarters, where she met With Todd Howard, Chief Creative Officer of Bethesda Game Studios.

If similar stories make you hurt again SkyrimMake sure to install the mod before the match Shirley – Follower of Skyrim Mod. Thanks to her, you will be able to recruit Shirley as a companion in the fifth season TES.

For our part, we can once again wish “Grandma Skyrim” a recovery and many hours of fun with this and the upcoming installments. Sheikh manuscripts!

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