The legendary technology brand will be shutting down.  Her name brings back memories

Once a symbol of the technology market, now just a memory – this is how the fate of Plextor can be briefly described, which, according to Taiwanese journalists, is taking a well-deserved retirement. This Japanese brand, previously famous for high-quality CD/DVD drives and recorders, and later for the production of SSD drives, closes its chapter in the history of technology.

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For many older technology enthusiasts, the name Plextor evokes nostalgia. In the 1980s and 1990s, this company was synonymous with innovation and quality. Who among us does not at least remember the recorders of this brand, which were the dream of many enthusiasts in the first period of its presence on the market?

However, as happens in life, even the largest empires undergo changes. In 2010, Lite-On Technology acquired Plextor and then, in the next stage of its journey, came under the wing of Toshiba's memory division, now known as Kioxia.

However, recent years have not been kind to the Plextor brand. The lack of innovation, especially in the PCI-Express 4.0 or 5.0 media sector, indicates that the company has lost its former glory. Indeed, as reported by HKEPC, Kioxia has decided to shut down the Plextor brand, replacing it with a new player on the market – solid-state storage technology (SSSTC). The new brand will focus on the professional sector, offering products for enterprises, data centers and industry.

The end of Plextor's operations was also confirmed by changes in the Internet space. takes us directly to This is a symbolic end of an era in the world of technology.

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