Sammy Soy is back.  The first clip of the film is here

The success of the comedy “Sami swoi” turned out to be so great that in the following years other parts of the story were created about the fate of the two warring families, Pawlak and Kargul. In 1974, Selostre Česinski directed Nothing Strong and in 1977, Love or Leave.

“Alone. The Beginning”: The first trailer for the film. Who will we see on screen?

“This is the fourth war in my life, including two world wars!”, “Kargul, come to the fence!”, “The court is court, and justice must be on our side” – these quotes from the film “Sami Soy” have already become popular canon For famous dialogues in the history of Polish cinema.

The role of Kazimierz Pawlak, played by Watsu Kowalski, will be played by Adam Popek, known from productions such as “The Office PL”, “A Minute of Silence” and “Woman on the Roof”, while Władysław Kargul has played his role before. The legendary Władysław Hańcza will be an actor from the National Theater and a participant in the show “Your Face Sounds Familiar” by Karol Dziuba.

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