Ryanair is canceling more than 100 flights this weekend.  This also applies to Poland

Ryanair has canceled flights scheduled for the weekend of June 25-26, informs fly4free.pl. About 180 flights were canceled due to strikes planned by airline employees. I remember that The protests are set to occur, among others, in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Belgium.

Ryanair is canceling flights over the weekend of June 25-26

Thus, if someone plans or has a ticket for a trip in the coming days, he must make sure that it will be done. This again Ryanair cancels many flights – In April he canceled about 70 of them.

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Ryanair is not the only airline that has recently suspended flights. as we described, Chaos can be seen at many airports in Europe. At the beginning of June, not every fourth flight departed from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. In contrast, at British airports, passengers of British Airways and EasyJet slept on the floors. All this is the result of labor strikes to demand higher wages. As a result, KLM canceled up to 50 flights per day.

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