National Day Event: Exciting meeting in Montreal

After being unnoticed for the past two years, the Quartet des Spectacles finally celebrated Saint-Jean-Baptist Day on Thursday, in the best possible way, but above all a large and enthusiastic crowd.

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Under clear skies and mild weather, Montreallers were finally able to celebrate the return of the long-awaited National Day festivities to the quartet of the Place des Festivals. Hand-decorated by Flour-de-Lisa, family and friends who came to attend the big party sang and danced to the rhythm of “party” tunes, covers and classics played in the thirties, showing joy throughout the evening. Dozens of musicians and alternate singers on the main stage.

Hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord, the evening entitled “J’aime ma langue” sometimes led to touching moments, especially during the renaissance of “Tu m’aimes-tu” by Ariane Roy and Les Louanges, but above all festive and Dance. Within minutes, the crowd showed an infectious electricity and fever.

The festivities began at 9:00 pm with Claude L’éveillée putting together their voices on their “L’étoile d’Amérique” and singing the Quebec Classics’ revised by the artists who participated in the Fête.

Roxanne Bruneau then went on stage to sing her song “Àma Mode”. Of course, he came back to sing the cover of “Love Me Again” and “Des Pitts Bots de Toy” and Marjo’s “Provoconte”.

Saint-Jean and Quebec rap iconic logo Locas team, wearing their signature flor-de-lice hat, took to the stage in amazement to play “Le Mémoire” and “Le But”, where they happily nodded to the yellow monster Guy Laughler.

FouKi, who took the rap version of Gilles Vignold’s ‘Jens to Pace’ with Sarhami, especially played “Cabilot” with his good friend Jay Scott, as well as “Ciel” with Alicia Moffett and “K” – everyone is bowing. Better recover – at the end of the show.

Arian Roy, who won in Francois last Saturday, sang Marjo’s “As long as the kids are there” and “Da Main”, while Alicia Moffett revisited several other songs. Garou and Céline Dion “Sous le vent” and “Pour que your miames encore”.

Together with two dancers, Sarami hid in one of the last verses “We will always love you Kareem” and made the crowd dance as “the heart has its reasons”. Les Louanges, Patrice Michaud, Michel Pagliaro, Kathia Rock, who brought a little Maliotenam to Montreal, and Jay Scott also took to the main stage at the Place des Festival on Thursday.

At the end of the show, Pascal Montpett, Catherine Brooks-Lemme and Patrice Mycott read an excerpt from Renென Lesweskin’s Heirs of 2000 “Celebrating Her Hundredth Birthday This Year. The text, written in 1980, is more relevant in 2022, followed by “Himne a l’Amor” by Luke Flamonton and Christian Saint Roche, this time explained by singer Mary-Josie Lord.

At the end of the show all the singers gathered on stage to sing Kareem O’Leary’s “L’Amour”.

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