Credit Suisse problem.  The Swiss Central Bank makes an announcement

FINMA, the Swiss financial regulator (the equivalent of Poland’s Financial Supervisory Authority), and the central bank issued a joint statement on Wednesday evening. It follows The SNB will support Credit Suisse and provide liquidity if needed Reuters reports.

Credit Suisse problem. The central bank is ready to intervene

The two institutions confirmed in a statement that Credit Suisse “complies with the capital and liquidity requirements imposed on banks related to the system.” The Swiss National Bank (SNB) and FINMA have also confirmed this at the moment There are no signs of an imminent threat to Swiss banks Because of the turmoil in the US market.

The agency found that this decision by the Swiss financial authorities came under pressure from the governments of several countries and at least one bank. Everyone feared the possible consequences of the collapse of the second largest Swiss bank.

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Reuters confirms that if Credit Suisse needs support, it will become the first significant bank on a global scale, Which will get a “custom designed” life buoy since the global financial crisis.

Credit Suisse is fighting for its life

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