Millennium Bank with billions of dollars in losses.  Most clients went on credit leave

Bank Millennium in the third quarter of 2022 recorded a loss of nearly 1 billion PLN. The Foundation publicly acknowledges that credit licenses are to blame for this situation.

Millennium Bank with a loss in the third quarter. guilty credit leave

The bank had earlier published information on the expected losses. If 80 percent of them would use it. The loss could reach 1.4 billion PLN. So far, the solution offered by the government has benefited less, 66 percent. authorized.

“The costs of this program were the direct cause of a significant net loss in the period and, as a consequence, it failed to meet the minimum capital requirements,” Bankier said in the report, citing Bankier.

Credit Leaves. Expert: Government policy is ridiculous

Earlier, other banks reported losses. Nine of them reported a loss totaling 2.3 billion PLN. Their share was 8.5 percent. sector assets. The remaining banks, commercial and cooperative, recorded a total profit of PLN 7.2 billion. As reported by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, “a significant decline Results The M/M mainly results from the recognition in the financial result of the cost related to the use of credit leave.”

Who can apply for credit leave

Borrowers who have problems settling their obligations to banks due to increased interest rates may take credit holidays. This means that some of their obligations will be transferred to the end a program Payment – It’s a simple process: just send Request for the lender.

Two conditions must be met to benefit from a deferred payment. hold for Mortgage It must expire before July 1, 2022 and the loan period must expire after at least six months. In addition, if we already use credit holidays that were previously agreed with the bank (offering different types of payment spells), and we apply for leave under the new regulations, then the period of these first vacations will be shortened.

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Santander Bank (illustration image)Credit vacations sent bank earnings on vacation. Big losses

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