Labor market.  Every fourth company will be recruited.  The same number is planning to lay off workers

The ManpowerGroup in its “The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey” emphasizes this Poland’s net employment outlook, a measure of the labor market, is +1 percent. This is how much companies want to hire new employees for the fourth quarter of 2022. Most importantly, is a result less than 9 p. On the announced expectations for the third quarter.

translation into details, 24 percent plan to hire new employees for companies. The same thing – to slow down. 48 percent of companies are not planning any changes in staffing level, and 4 percent. She hasn’t set her plans yet.

Some industries are looking for it, others – they are slowing down

Experts assure that it will be easier to find a job in two sectors: finance and Banking Servicesas well as in He. SheAnd the technologytelecommunications and telecommunications and The media. In both areas, the net employment outlook is +6%.

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Employers representing other services (+15 percent) also indicated a positive hiring mood. On the other hand, wholesale and retail sales, as well as education, health and public administration recorded an increase of 1%.

So who is preparing to lay off workers? Mainly primary production, where forecast is -9%. In addition, construction (-7%) and industrial production (-5%) want to slow as well. The trend of the last two sectors is surprising because In the third quarter, they were optimistic about them and amounted, respectively: +17 percent. and +29 percent

the closest Three months will be a period of stability in the labor market and a calming mood for companies’ hiring There is no doubt about Tomasz Walenczak, CEO of ManpowerGroup in Poland.

– However, when looking at the employment outlook for Polish employers for the last quarter, we must consider the situation that accompanied us on the labor market from July to September. This period was the reference point for companies that were asked about their hiring plans. At the time, we had a very low level of unemployment in Poland, with strong employment needs and a record talent shortage. So, speaking of the stability or stagnation predicted by Polish companies, The situation in the labor market at the end of the year should not deteriorate significantly – He adds.

In these areas, they will recruit in the first place

The ManpowerGroup report shows that companies located in the southwest of the country plan the most hiring (+11 percent). Entities in Central Poland (+4 percent) and Northern Poland (+2 percent) also want to increase their staffing.

In contrast, employers located in the eastern part of the country do not expect any employment changes in the next quarter (0). Companies from the South (-5%) and Northwest (-3%) announced job cuts.

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