Ryan Gosling: Famous Ancestors and a Long Francophone Lineage

Ryan Gosling is currently on half the planet’s big screens in the role of Ken, Barbie’s sidekick..

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After winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture La la land In 2017, her blistering Hollywood career landed her at the feet of the iconic Mattel doll in a box office summer movie.

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His Ontario roots

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born on November 12, 1980 in London, Ontario. Although brought up in a Mormon and English-speaking family in Cornwall, handsome Ken has multiple French-speaking origins on both his maternal and paternal side. In fact, she has a Franco-Ontarian grandmother and three great-grandmothers.

His father, Thomas Ray Gosling, a traveling salesman, was the grandson of Mary Yvette Brown (1926–1997) and Mary Ann Bellaire (1907–1988) and Joseph Brown (1903–?), a Franco-Ontarian. Glengarry, located east of Ottawa near the Quebec border, is a French-speaking stronghold where the majority still speak the Belaires language of America.


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In Ontario from the middle of the nineteenth monthe Century, Belaires, says Robito, came from Vaudreuil. Ancestor, Andre Robito (1640-1678), was from Burgos, Spain.

Spanning the four corners of the continent, Robidou has an impressive history. Joseph (1783-1868) founded St. Joseph in Missouri and named the famous Roche-John (Yellowstone) Park in Wyoming. His brother Antoine (1794-1860), born in St. Louis, was Santa Fe’s first mayor; He spoke French, English and Spanish. and his other brother Louis (1796-1868) founded Rubidoux and Riverside, California. Robidoux: Along with the Trudos and Theroux, one of the great families of immigrants we’ll talk about one day.

Joseph Brown was the son of Rosalie Proulx (1864–1930), whose grandparents—Jean-Jacques Robinson and Marie Trottier of Saint-Andre d’Argenteuil Parish—were blacks. An amazing story has long passed under the magnifying glass of many heirs.


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Ryan’s mother

Ryan’s mother, Donna Wilson, had two French-speaking grandmothers: Victoria Dextrose (1899–1986) and Rose-Emma Lalonde (1901–1990).

Victoria was the eldest of a family of 16 children from Saint-Anisette, the daughter of Joseph Dextras (1868–1961) and Élisabeth Quenneville (1871–1959). The couple rest in peace at La Nativity Cemetery in Cornwall.

The ancestor, Pierre Destrochus, known as Beziers (1732-1800), was a grenadier in the Béarn regiment during the Seven Years’ War. He is from Béziers in the south of France. From Destroches, the name changed over generations to Dextros.


Ryan Gosling’s maternal grandparents, Elizabeth Quenneville and Joseph Dextrous, are resting in peace at a cemetery in Cornwall.

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Rose-Emma Lalonde (1901–1990) was the daughter of Alexandre Lalonde (1863–1931) and Catherine Harriet Piché (1877–1962) and the granddaughter of Alexandre Édouard Lalonde. In 1817.

For more than two centuries, Ryan Gosling’s family has deep roots in French-speaking Ontario, bordering Quebec.

Belair Line of Ryan Gosling

I am Gosling, Thomas Ray

Wilson, Donna

II. Gosling, George Bigelow (1926-1998)

Brown, Mary Yvette (1926-1997)

Married 14 Jan 1944, Toronto, Ontario

III. Brown, Joseph (1903-?)

Bellaire, Mary Anne (1907-1988)

Mr. June 1, 1925, Alexandra, Sacred Heart, Glengarry, Ontario

IV. Bellaire, Jules (1873-?)

SÉGUIN, Matilda (1876-1957)

I am. 28 Apr 1898, Hawkesbury, Prescott, Ontario

V. Bellaire, Oliver Levi (1834-1891)

Rochon, Mary-Ann (1842-?)

I am. 10 Jan 1858, L’Orignal, Prescott, Ontario

VI. BÉLAIRE ROBIDOU, called Olivier (1785-?).

BALTHAZAR dit BELLEVILLE, Marguerite (1790-1871)

Mr. Jan. 7, 1812, Vaudreuil

VII. Rabidot, Etienne (1752-1837)

Dion, Marie-Thérèse (1760-1787)

Mr. October 20, 1777, Vaudreuil

VIII. Rabidot, Etienne (1724-1801)

Clement, Catherine (1726 -1787)

Mr. February 4, 1743, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

IX. Rabidot, Etienne (1699-1723)

Laroche, Mary-Anne (1702-?)

Mr. Nov. 24, 1721, at Longueuil

X. Robito, Guillaume (1675-1754)

Guerin, Marie-François (1680-1757)

Mr. June 11, 1697, Montreal

XI. Robito, known as Andre the Spaniard (1640?-1678)

LEDUC-DENOTTE, Jean (1647-1701)

Mr. June 7, 1667, Notre-Dame-de-Québec

XII. Robito, Manuel (1612-1618)

From Naples of Alava, Catalina (1614-1667)

Burgos, Spain

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