June 1, 2023


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Russian aggression.  Ukrainian Ambassador: We do not have the right amount of equipment

Russian aggression. Ukrainian Ambassador: We do not have the right amount of equipment

The diplomat also mentioned that Ukraine also needs humanitarian and financial aid from other countries. EU leaders are expected to announce a sanctions package against Russia and a humanitarian aid package for Ukraine on February 24.

Ukrainian Ambassador: We are defending our land

Vadim Prystaiko revealed the difficulty of defending some areas in Ukraine, as Russia is blocking the Black and Azov seas, limiting the ability of Ukrainians to bring in reinforcements and supplies.

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We are in a real fight.. tanks, helicopters and downed planes. We defend our land said the Ukrainian diplomat.

According to Wadym Prystajko, humanitarian supplies will be needed “soon and very dangerously,” as the Russians will attack critical infrastructure elements.

Prestagko has been the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom since July 2020.

Russia and Ukraine war. Vladimir Putin gave the order

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in a televised speech the start of a “special operation in Donbass”. Russian forces fired on Ukrainian cities from several directions. The explosions, among other things, can be heard in Kiev.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky Declared the application of martial law.

In the evening of Polish time, US President Joe Biden imposed new sanctions on Russia.

We made it on purpose to maximize the impact on Russia announced. We will limit and limit their capabilities to develop and finance their army. Opportunities for competition in the economy The President of the United States said.

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Source: CNN

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