G7 Gate: Orbán’s government is quietly diversifying gas supplies

Viktor Orban’s government has quietly begun to diversify gas supplies to Hungary, although it officially claims that there is no alternative to Russian gas, the Hungarian portal G7 writes. According to the quoted experts, the possibilities of importing gas from various directions far exceed the Hungarian demand.

Orban again against sanctions. It’s about nuclear energy

The Prime Minister of Hungary referred to the results of the recent national consultations, which amounted to 97 percent of the voters voted against the sanctions against Russia.

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“Although Hungary has gas connections with all its neighbors except Slovenia, before the energy crisis, the possibilities of importing gas from destinations other than Russia were used to a limited extent,” the portal wrote.

As confirmed by the Group of Seven, in the years immediately preceding the crisis, about 70 percent. Of the imported Russian gas went to Hungary via Ukraine and Slovakia and the rest from Austria. However, other delivery methods were still available and gradually began to be used as early as 2022.

Last year, about 1 billion cubic meters arrived in Hungary from Romania and Croatia. “Gas, which is a significant increase compared to previous years,” Gabor Zukudi of gas sector company FGSZ said, citing G7.

According to the experts who reached the G7 portal, “It is clear that Russian gas does not come from Croatia, while gas from Romania may come from Russia, but not necessarily, because Romania has a large amount of raw materials from its production.” In addition, gas imports from the Slovak direction, which were not supposed to come from Russia, have increased.

In total, more than 13 billion cubic meters can be imported from Austria, Romania, Croatia and Slovakia. gas annually, that is, by 30%. more than Hungary’s total annual demand,” G7 estimates.

Orban does not want to upset Russia. We can’t forget about business.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the Baile Tosnad resort in Romania that he does not want to spoil Budapest’s trade relations with Russia, or isolate …

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All this indicates that there is a very real opportunity to replace Russian gas, or at least for a reasonable diversification of supply sources. The question is whether there is political and commercial will.”

Representatives of Viktor Orban’s government regularly repeat that the EU should place special emphasis on diversifying gas supplies.

In September 2021, Hungary signed a 15-year long-term contract with Russia’s Gazprom for the supply of 4.5 billion cubic meters. gas annually. It is delivered through Serbia and Austria, bypassing Ukraine, which was thus deprived of transit fees.

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