Russia: Putin's daughter gave an interview.  Silly theses

An interview with the eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on the Internet, Maria Wronkoa.

The conversation, which lasted more than 40 minutes, was published by the website, which, according to Unian, is linked to the Moscow authorities. Worontswa, an endocrinologist by profession, said in an interview, among other things: about the latest technologies used in medicine, but also about the personal aspects of her life, although during the conversation there was no reference to her father.

War in Ukraine. Sanctions were also imposed on Putin's daughter

To Worontzwa in April 2022 Sanctions were imposed in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Although, a few months ago, it was widely reported Her scientific publications have appeared in Western journals. However, as was later explained, the articles she co-authored were scheduled for publication before the full-scale war began, but were subsequently reprinted.

Putin's daughter will also be a shareholder in, among other things, a private clinic in St. Petersburg where wounded fighters from the Wagner Group were treated.

Maria Worontsova in an interview: We are a people-centered society

A recent interview with Maria Vorontsova, which appeared online this week, has received widespread attention. The woman was presented in it as Deputy Dean of Sciences at the Faculty of Basic Medicine at Moscow State University, a member of the Presidium of the Russian Society for the Promotion of Science and a leading researcher in endocrinology at the Russian Ministry of Health.

Vorontsov, except for stories about his country Hobby of reading literature – Not just scientific – listing her favorite books, such as Dostoyevsky's “The Idiot” or Huxley's “Brave New World,” she admitted that she was interested in improving communication between people in life.

– I think that Many problems result from incorrect communication, (…) is primarily due to a lack of self-understanding – adding that “the desire to understand each other can give serious impetus to mutual understanding.” As well as at the community level. While the “Moscow Times” website commented on her words, it was not clarified whether Vorontsova was referring to her father's policy in her statement.

-For us, the value of human life is the highest value. Vorontsova also said in an interview with that Russia is a people-centered society.

After the interview was published, the media, and not just Ukrainian ones, pointed out how hypocritical her words seemed in the context of her actions. Committed by her father, Vladimir Putin.

source: Onian, Moscow Times

First interview with Prime Minister Donald Tusk after the election/Polsat News/Polsat News

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