New Year's Eve in Belgium.  Police officers attacked with fireworks

Local media reported that Friday night was turbulent in several Belgian cities. It was annoying, among other things in Antwerp, Brussels And Ghent.

According to the newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad”, in these cities Clashes took place with the police. “The drunks were throwing firecrackers and bottles at the officers,” Antwerp police spokesman Wouter Bruins told the newspaper.

According to Brussels Police, officers intervened 395 times and They got caught 150 people, mainly due to fights, assaults on policemen and the destruction of municipal property. Cars were also set on fire.

In Anas, in the province of Liege, near the German border, twenty masked young men clashed with policemen who threw paving stones. According to the newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”, two officers were injured.

An unusual event also occurred in Liege itself. After neighbors called the police because of the noise coming from one of the apartments, the cops arrived at the scene and were attacked by a woman who lives there. According to The Brussels Times, she bit one of the officers on the shoulder.

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