Russia may increase fertilizer exports to the EU

– Companies in the European Union producing fertilizers are closed, after all, the quality and volume of the crop depends on them. We provide the necessary quantities of fertilizers to global markets. The Russian President was quoted by Interfax as saying, and we are ready to increase these amounts.

He also said that in terms of quality, Russian fertilizers are among the best in the world.

Putin also announced that Russia is also ready to supply food to world markets. – He said that Russia will provide not only for itself, but also for its main partners in world markets, high-quality food at affordable world prices.

Fertilizers are in short supply in the EU or they are too expensive. The reason for the increase in prices is primarily due to the strong increase in gas prices, which is of major importance mainly in the case of nitrogen fertilizers, but also in the case of other raw materials, as well as the increase in fertilizer transportation costs due to high fuel prices. In addition, the import of potash fertilizers from Belarus is prohibited, which reduces supply.

Monica Borkoska

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