Russia's war with Ukraine.  EU foreign ministers meeting

On Sunday evening, a video conference of EU foreign ministers was held. The topic was the subsequent sanctions against Russia. It was to be supported by all countries.

During a news conference on Sunday, the EU’s chief of diplomacy said the EU had come up with decisions over the weekend that should be implemented and implemented before Monday, when central banks start working.

reported that “The council offered its supportive assessment and political agreement on the support package for the Ukrainian armed forces, the imposition of new sanctions, and diplomatic action to isolate Russia.“. – To support measures for Ukraine and the region and take measures to counter disinformation,” Borrell said.

Since we have a full-blown war in Ukraine, we want to do everything we can to support UkraineWe have decided to use our capabilities to provide offensive armament to the Ukrainian army with 450 million euros of support package and another 50 million euros of non-offensive resources. All this will be covered by our intergovernmental fund and instrument of peace Borrell said.

I would like to thank PolandWhich offered to be a logistics center for the transportation of equipment to the territory of Ukraine, said Josep Borrell, head of EU diplomacy.

Borrell explained that the leaders of diplomacy agreed to invite the Russian oligarchs, politicians closely linked to Putin, to strike the sanctions.

“We have approved measures to paralyze the Russian financial markets, including the exclusion of some Russian banks from the SWIFT system,” he added. And it will remain due to the applicable sanctions Half of the Central Bank of Russia’s reserves have been frozen.

The head of diplomacy confirmed the closure of the airspace to Russian aircraft.

On Friday evening, European Union sanctions against Russia for the attack on Ukraine officially entered into force. It was imposed by the European Union, among other things, on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and that country’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. It has also adopted extensive individual sanctions against others and economic sanctions.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to signal that Europe must quickly adopt crushing sanctions against Russia. Government spokesman Peter Muller stressed on Saturday evening that the impact of Russian aggression on Ukraine should amount to further sanctions: a rapid disconnection of Russia from the SWIFT system, the closure of the Nord Stream1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines, the cutting off of Russia from all other financial and banking systems; Close the possibility of supplying gas, oil and coal from Russia to Europe.

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On Sunday, Schultz announced that all Russian banks would be closed. Their SWIFT system will also be disabled. And he indicated in his speech during a special session that Germany had taken a decision Delivery of weapons from the stocks of the German armed forces to Ukraine.

European Union for the first time It will finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and equipment to the attacking country – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Sunday in Brussels, presenting a package of additional restrictions to Russia in connection with the invasion of Ukraine.

We are also strengthening our sanctions against the Kremlin. First, we are closing EU airspace to Russian or Russian aircraft registered or controlled by Russia. They will not be able to land, take off or fly over the territory of the European Union. The president of the European Commission explained that this also applies to private aircraft for oligarchs.

Second, we ban the Kremlin’s media machine in the European Union. The state-owned (media) (Russia Today), Sputnik and its subsidiaries will not be able to spread their lies to justify Putin’s war. She added that we are developing tools to block toxic and harmful disinformation in Europe, also announcing sanctions against Belarus.

Lukashenka’s regime is complicit in this heinous attack on Ukraine. “So we will hit the Lukashenka regime with a new package of sanctions,” the European Commission president added.

The war in Ukraine. The Russians attack on the fourth day. Follow the live broadcast

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