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S-400 missile complexes are already at the site garden Moss Island. It is located about 200 meters from the residential buildings. Launchers, according to the portal, also appeared on the premises of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. The Insider reports that there are four launchers and two radars in the academy’s fields. Previously, the fields were paved with asphalt.

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Russia. In Moscow, they cut down trees to deploy defensive systems

About a hundred hectares of forest have been cut down in the nature reserve in the Pechatniki district near Moscow. “For the needs of the army, in the strictest secrecy, a huge forest area on the left bank of the Moskva River was destroyed,” journalists said. The area of ​​the forest that was cut down was more than 2 km. Part of the site has been asphalt laid. Residents criticize the actions of the authorities.

Pancyry on the roofs, and the S-400 in the gardens. Additional defense of Moscow

Similar actions were taken in Kolomoń, Izmailov and New Moscow regions. In the center of the Russian capital, residents often notice the Pancyr missile complexes, including on the roof of the Ministry of Defense building, as well as near metro stations: Taganskaya, 1905-roku, Luzhniki and near the Moscow branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Petrovka. Informed journalists noted that Pancyrs were set up in the city center and S-400 systems in sleeping areas of Moscow.

Already in January of this year, information appeared about the deployment of air and missile defense systems in different parts of the Russian capital. They appeared on the roofs of some buildings, for example, in the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Other reports spoke of the Pancyr system on the roof of an apartment building.

Air defenses on the roofs of Moscow?Anti-missile systems have been installed on the roofs of some buildings in Moscow

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