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Minecraft - Xbox reveals: Steve is taller than Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII

Minecraft – Xbox reveals: Steve is taller than Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII

October 22, 2021, 1:19 pm

Minecraft Steve is by no means as low as fans think. On the contrary, many characters of the game are dominated by a popular sandbox sandbox hero.


  1. Years later, Xbox representatives revealed the length of the main character Maine Craft;
  2. Contrary to popular belief, Steve turned out to be surprisingly tall, towering, among other things, above Sephrotheme With Final Fantasy VII.

People have always been interested in interesting facts about celebrities. Even if it was a word?? Person ?? It points to a hypothetical hero with a higher angle than the normal hero. Take a hard look at netizens’ reaction to the reveal via the official Xbox account Twitter mascot growth Maine Craft.

Speculation about this has been circulating on the web for a long time. Take a nice look at Thread on Reddit Nine years ago?? Although quite serious?? Some were amazed by the colossal height of the protagonist, which the author estimated at 185 cm. Steve was supposed to be rather short. In the same topic, many users rated it?? Based on data from files Maine Craft ?? The virtual hero of the game is about 162 cm tall.

Minecraft Mystery Revealed - Steve the Tall Man - Illustration #1

Steve saw himself as a rather short man. In SSBU, even the (adult) link is longer than him. (Screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

This belief is confirmed, for example, by a guest performance by Steve ?? or Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate, where a lightweight player is clearly inferior to Link z The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (He is about 170 cm tall.) naturally SSBU It is famous for its somewhat loose approach to the canon found in the game series ?? Evidence ?? Inflation ?? Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII About Pikachu’s weight (!)?? But in Steve’s case, no one objected to his humble stature. Meanwhile, it turns out that Minecraft steve is not low at all?? His official height is approximately 188 cm.

Confirmation of Steve’s growth could be considered a mere curiosity, but this one piece of information sheds new light on the world scale Maine Craft. Regardless of even the giant bees (as the real wasps seem to be wasps), it has been confirmed that Each block in the game is a cube with a volume of about 1 m3. On the other hand, the Enderman known to the masses seems to have a height of about 3 meters. Sure, some have already recalculated the dimensions (Not rare leaked) work in real scale.

Of course, the comparisons were not limited to the elements known from Maine Craft. It turns out that little Steve Exceeds The previously mentioned Sephiroth height (185 cm) and ?? Well, a large percentage of Internet users no s¹ pleased This is amazing fact.

However, the end of the endings, the rise of Steve?? a ?? However, it will shock some. It’s just a minority compared to what fans are waiting for Maine Craft. The second part of the update will be released soon Caves and cliffsNext year we will see the premiere wild updatewhich will introduce new, more diverse biomes. The entire game and brand development plans were discussed last weekend, which you can read about Minecraft Live 2021 event summary.

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