The disappearance of Emmanuel Orlandi.  What happened to the daughter of a Vatican official?

Emanuela Orlandi was born in 1968. Her father was a lay official who lived with his family in the Holy See. However, family members spent a lot of time in Rome. Emanuela (like her siblings) went to high school and music school there. The teenager also belongs to the Vatican Choir. She was undoubtedly musically gifted and may have linked her adult life with music. Unfortunately, fate had written a different, tragic scenario for her.

The day Emmanuella disappeared

On June 22, 1983, Emanuela Orlandi was supposed to go to her flute lesson in the afternoon. She asked her brother to drive her to his car, but he refused. So the girl went by bus, as she usually did. Before starting studies at a music school, Emanuela called home. She talked for some time with her sister, who told her that she had received a job offer as a representative for a cosmetics company. She also mentioned this offer to one of her friends that day.

Orlandi was supposed to go home after finishing her music lesson. She left school with her friend. The teens headed toward the bus station. But Emanuela did not get into the bus, but into a green car. To this day it is not known who the driver of the car was and whether the 15-year-old knew this person.

Finally, evening came and hours passed, and Emanuela was still not at home. Her relatives started to feel nervous because such a situation had never happened before. Family members quickly began searching for the teenager, but the search turned out to be futile. The next day, the police received a report about a missing person, and information about him quickly began to appear in the media.

Other curious clues in this case

Over the next few days, the Orlandi family received calls from people claiming to have met Emanuela. Details provided by witnesses could indicate that they actually saw the missing person. Soon the phone calls started to get more and more strange. During one call, the caller played an audio recording that relatives identified as belonging to the missing woman. It appears that the 15-year-old has been kidnapped and held captive somewhere.

During another attempt to contact, the missing person's family received information about where Emanuela's belongings would be placed. In fact, the girl's personal belongings were found in the aforementioned place, including a note most likely written by the kidnapper. Her relatives believe this is her handwriting style.

Demands also began to emerge for Ali Ajca's release in exchange for Orlandi's release. This man was in prison for an attack on Pope John Paul II in 1981. However, it was not possible to determine whether the case of Emanuela's disappearance was actually linked to Ali Agha.

Who is responsible for the kidnapping of the 15-year-old girl?

Over the years, more exciting information has come to light. According to one theory, an Italian gangster, Enrico De Bedis, was responsible for the girl's disappearance. Others, in turn, suggested that high-ranking Vatican clergy were involved in Emanuela's kidnapping. However, these hypotheses cannot be conclusively confirmed or ruled out.

Finally, there is a hypothesis that Orlandi's disappearance was linked to the disappearance of Mirella Gregory. She was the same age as Emanuela, and had disappeared only a month and a half earlier, also in the Italian capital. These cases have many similarities. To this day, the missing persons have not been found, and it has not been clarified what happened to them or who was behind their disappearance.

Pietro, Emanuela's brother, is still struggling to give the case of his sister's disappearance as much publicity as possible. The man believes that one day he will know the truth. Pietro appeared, among others, in the documentary “Vatican Girl: The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi” released on Netflix in 2022. This series presents many interesting details and scenarios.

Unfortunately, we will not find an answer to the question that remains a mystery to this day – what happened to Emanuela and is she still alive? Perhaps thanks to media attention and the efforts of Emanuela's relatives, the mystery of her disappearance will one day be solved.

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The Pope told her parents during a visit to their home that she was in heaven – he certainly knew what had happened to her – it was a huge international scandal

What happened to millions of children around the world happened to her. This is the main reason behind the 3. Many people have discovered this. It used to be that relics were hidden, the Vatican was sacred, governments were sacred, kingdoms were admired, and now, when the awl was out of the bag, they began to tax whatever they could. Take everything from us because we know too much.

There's been a series about this on Netflix for a year now

These self-appointed mediators of Christ have many tragedies on their hands. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed.

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Why did you get into that car and what about its belongings?

I opposed Frank and Powell

There's a documentary about it on Netflix

The mother and father must have been very upset about this…the disappearance or murder of their 15 year old daughter.

20 thousand people die every year in my country, this is a drama that no one talks about like the Vatican does to me

Did they make Emmanuel out of Emmanuel?

I wouldn't be surprised at all if a wealthy person in a position of power was behind this girl's murder… Maybe she knew this person…

The disappearance of Emmanuella (the girl) and not Emmanuella (the boy)…

These self-appointed mediators of Christ have many tragedies on their hands. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed.

They kidnapped her so the clerics could have a good time. Only then did she scream when someone put her there

Emmanuella's disappearance – No Emmanuella…it was a girl

M. Trinkiewicz

25 minutes.

She was sitting in the cell opposite me. She provided services for old slippers with black dresses.

She disappeared outside the Vatican.

Reheated cutlets are better than the British Colony.

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