This, according to the British Ministry of Defense, may look like a Russian invasion of Ukraine

The British Ministry of Defense published on Twitter on Thursday a map showing the seven ways in which Russia could attack Ukraine, as well as how the second phase of a possible invasion could proceed.

The map is part of the video recordingIt explains what the conflict over Ukraine is all about and challenges Russian claims that some troops are withdrawing.

a look: Ukraine and Russia. Poland, Great Britain and Ukraine announced the signing of the Tripartite Agreement

Three strikes against Kiev

According to this map, three strikes will be delivered to Kiev, two of them from the north, from the territory of Belarus, where Russian troops are currently conducting maneuvers with Belarusian troops, three more – to the city of Dnieper, one from the north and two from the east, and the seventh blow will come from the Russian-annexed Crimea to the east. In a possible second stage of the invasion, the forces that will strike the Dnieper River will continue west towards Vinnitsa, and from the Crimea a strike will be launched on Odessa to the west.

It was written next to the map:Russia maintains a large military presenceWhich allows invasion without warning. The possible focus of President (Vladimir) Putin’s invasion is presented below. He can still choose to prevent conflict and maintain peace.”

According to the sources quoted by Sky News in the Ministry of Defense, The map shows only one of the possible scenarios for a Russian invasion.

Bass / PAP

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