Afghanistan.  The evacuation of the animals ended in fiasco.  Guilty Joe Biden

  • Pen Farthing took 200 animals to Kabul airport, but he couldn’t get on the plane with them
  • A former Marine talks about a difficult passage to the airport that nearly lost his life in it
  • He blames Biden for the failure of the evacuation mission, which suddenly changed the rules for people entering the airport
  • UK Defense Secretary believes ‘people will always be a priority, not animals’
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Farthing assisted staff transported nearly 200 quadrupeds to the airport in Kabul. In an interview with the media, he admitted that during the evacuation they miraculously avoided an explosion that killed more than 100 people. Unfortunately, the heroic deed did not achieve the intended effect. All because of the sudden change in regulations.

The entire crew of dogs and cats is within 300 meters of the airport area safely. Biden changed the airport entry rules two hours ago and we had to go back. We went to hell to get there and got straight into the chaos of these devastating explosions – Farthing explains in a BBC interview.

The Taliban did not accept written consent from the British government to board the plane due to an order to accept only passport holders with the appropriate visa. His permit was not sufficient to transport the animals to a safe place.

My mission to get the animals out of Afghanistan just ended in failure because he stopped them Joe Biden Farthing said. – We’re fine, but Anarchy in the streets. Suddenly we heard gunshots and bullets started flying towards our car. Had our driver not turned, he would have been hit in the head by an AK-47 – added.

Who is to blame for stopping the eviction?

Yesterday, Britain’s Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, received a flurry of critical (and often hateful) comments on social media from Fathing’s fans who support him during his volunteer work in Afghanistan. They think the defense minister banned the trip because he’s against helping animals.

– Let’s get some facts. One: I’ve never stopped a flight at any point. Second: people outside the airport know this very well You have to go through the gates and this process can sometimes take up to 24 hours. Third: When different organizations carried out evictions, they called people by their names. Everything was organised. I said we’d make leaving as easy as possible, but People, not animals, will always be a priority Wallace concluded.

The rest of the article is available under the video

Farthing’s charity work

Ben Farthing arrived in Afghanistan in 2006 as a Marine. He and other soldiers broke up a fight between two dogs in the small town of Nowzad. After this incident, he followed one of the American quartet and stayed with them for six months. At the end of the service, Farthing decided to take the dog home in the UK. The story of this pet inspired him to create the charity Nowzad Dogs. In addition to building the first shelter in Afghanistan’s history, her organization provided food for animals that could not be brought into the facility on an ongoing basis.

He was named “CNN Person of the Year 2014” for his work supporting homeless animals.


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