Rumors about Celine in French gossip magazines: “I don’t know where they found it, it’s pointless,” Claudette Dion fumed

Claudette Dion made no secret of it: French gossip magazines had enough of the persuasion to publish lies about her famous sister.

Off closely has Generalpasses through Here in Paris, Gala And France SundayAll of the French gossip magazines quickly caught on that anything related to Celine Dion sells.

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We speculate on his health, his broken relationship with his son René-Charles, his flirtation with Satanism (!), the severity of his illness and his death (which was announced several times on Twitter).

“I don’t know where they found it… It makes no sense,” says Celine Dion’s goddaughter, who is outraged that the Quebec media is now turning to news about Celine.

“It would surprise me if they were [les journaux à potins français] There are messages that I don’t have,” says Claudette Dion, when discussing the French media’s coverage surrounding the superstar, especially after the announcement of his illness.

In fact, you’ll never see Claudette Dion with a gossip magazine in hand, especially from France.

“I stopped reading all of that because, first of all, the images they were using about her… it wasn’t good. Is this idolatry? Because they say they idolize him. It’s so normal,” she said, expressing annoyance and sadness for her sister’s figure.

Claudette Dion insists: “It’s not true that Céline is in a wheelchair, it’s not true for René-Charles, it’s all not true, I don’t know where they found it,” says her 74-year-old sister. Regular transparency.

“There is no point in knowing that her son is in a wheelchair to convince me that her son will no longer speak to her or that he is squandering his mother’s wealth! I spoke to her on the phone, she is fine, she is smiling, the disease is still there. Everything is his attention She’s getting better,” Celine assures, very convinced of the seriousness and discipline with which she throws herself into everything from her work to her recovery.

Thierry Laforce / Agence QMI

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