Yés Trudel, Méo's translator, died in Elvis Groton

Actor Yves Trudel, best known for his role as Méo in “Elvis Groton” has died. He is 72 years old.

The date and cause of his death were not specified Friday, but a family friend, Rachel Carrier, confirmed the sad news, noting that expressions of sympathy could be donated to the Canadian Society of Cancer.

Tribute to Flordo / October 11, 09

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A high school playwright and author of several plays for teens, the actor starred in several films by director Pierre Flardo, who died in 2009.

The son of the latter, Jules, said on Twitter that Mr. Tribute to Trudeau: “Rest in Peace Yves Trudeau (1950-2022), best actor and friend of the Flordo family” he wrote.

The Facebook page Pierre posted a tribute to the actor who remembers the complicity between the two people. “” All of Méo’s conversations I wrote in murmur form were rewritten by actor Yves Trudel. We must make sense of the game ”- Pierre Falardeau, Elvis Gratton 2: Introduction to the book Miracle in Memphis, Friday evening.

In the cinema, we saw Yves Trudeau in “Elvis Groton: The King of Kings”, “The Party”, “Ding and Tong, the Film”, “October”, “Elvis Groton II: Miracle in Memphis”, “February 15”. 1789 “,” How My Mother Bore Me During Menstruation “,” 8:17 pm on Darling Street “,” Elvis Croton XXX: The Revenge of Elvis Wong “and” Curling “.” Bob Croton: My Life, My Life “and” He was also adventurous on the small screen in the series “Lance at Comte: Le Retour to Chat”.

He is survived by his wife, Lorraine, daughter, Edith, and grandchildren.

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