It is boiling in the Middle East.  Hamas announces a new operation against Israel

Muhammad al-Deif, the military leader of Hamas, issued a recorded message announcing Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. He added that the Palestinian movement “attacked enemy positions, airports and military points using 5,000 missiles.” The guest said, “Hamas decided to put an end to Israeli crimes.”

Another Palestinian armed group, Islamic Jihad, announced that it would join Hamas in attacking Israel.

The Israeli army announced on Saturday morning that an “unspecified number of terrorists” had entered Israel from the Gaza Strip. The army added, “Residents of the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip were asked to remain in their homes.”

The Israeli Defense Minister declared a state of emergency in a radius of 80 kilometers from the border with the Gaza Strip. Yoav Galant also announced the appointment of reserve soldiers “in line with the army’s needs,” the ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

Dozens of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Saturday morning. The extremist Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for this attack.

Israeli medical services reported that a woman in her 60s was killed in the attack and 15 people were injured, including two in serious condition. The Israeli army reported that one of the missiles hit a house in Tel Aviv.

The bombing occurred during a period of escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

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