Subscribing to RTV is one frequently avoided fee and little has changed on the matter for years. Interestingly, however, in recent months, controls have been visibly relaxed. In the first half of 2023, the number of people suffering from this problem was definitely lower compared to the previous year.

RTV Subscription It’s one of those topics that have been arousing great passions for years. Although in the opinion of many it is a relic of the past and we have heard several times about plans to replace it with fees adapted to our times, nothing changes (except for the price increase). It is also no secret that many Poles who are required to pay an RTV license evade it. Despite announcements of battles against such a measure, it has been shown that controls have loosened.

RTV license check. There are fewer of them lately

It was launched in the first half of 2023 Less than 6 thousand enforcement actions Regarding the unpaid RTV subscription, such as found out. For comparison, in the same period last year, there were approximately 25.5 thousand lawsuits of this kind, more than four times as many. And inspections, which most often form the basis for the initiation of enforcement proceedings, are also carried out mainly in companies, and not in private persons.

This apparent diminishing number of actions may have several sources. On the one hand, the reason may be the change in the government’s approach. On the other hand, the awareness of citizens is increasing. It is worth noting that, according to applicable law, no postman can check the obligation to register the recipients. So you don’t have to let him into the apartment. similarly There is no obligation to accept the inspectors assigned for this purpose – Be it the Polish Post Office or the Tax Office.

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What are the fines for not paying an RTV license?

What is the penalty for not paying radio and television license fees? In the case of unregistered radio, the cost is PLN 261, and for unregistered TV, you have to pay PLN 819. In addition, any arrears up to five years ago must be settled. As the final penalty may amount to several thousand zlotys, the National Broadcasting Board may, at the request of the subscriber, divide it into instalments.

Let us remind you that, according to applicable law, everyone who has a radio or television that has the ability to receive a signal at home, workplace or vehicle must pay a subscription fee. For households, only one charge is charged, regardless of the number of devices. There are also exceptions – people over 75, the war disabled and veterans, and the deaf and blind are exempt from the fee.

Wojciech Kulik is a journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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