State treasury savings bonds.  In December, there was a huge supply of anti-inflationary bonds, the last chance to cut taxes [3.12.2022]

The last month of this year with the presentation of treasury bonds does not bring any news or changes. It’s still the same bonds, and since November the Monetary Policy Board has not changed interest rates for the National Bank of Poland, and the conditions under which you can invest in these financial instruments, which are the safest except for bank deposits, have not changed. also. It’s worth noting that bonds could be a solution for those saving for retirement, including the possibility of setting up a tax preferential retirement account in December and using the full exemption limit.


The savings bond offer for December includes both short-term bonds – three months and ten years. There is also no shortage of the most popular of them, which have collected from the market more than half of the capital allocated to Treasury bonds since July – four-year bonds.

In December, the interest rate on one-year floating-rate bonds will be 6.75%, and 6.85% on two-year bonds.

The interest rate on the 3-month fixed-rate bond will be 3.00% per annum, and 6.85% on the 3-year bond. The remaining bonds will, in the first interest term, bear interest, respectively: 7.00% for the 4-year bond and 7.25% for the 10-year bond.

Family bonds of 6 and 12 years, intended for beneficiaries of the “Rodzina 500 plus” program, will bear interest at 7.20% and 7.50% in the first year, respectively.

The interest rate on one- and two-year bonds changes every month. It is calculated as the sum of the reference rate of the Polish National Bank and the margin, which for instruments offered in December is 0.00% for one-year bonds and 0.10% for two-year bonds.

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