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Rose was appointed the company’s executive director, and the names of the circle’s members were revealed in daylight (advance synopsis + video of episode 622)


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News Actuals Detailed Synopsis + Video Extract of Thursday 16th March 2023 Episode 622- “Here It All Begins” In this new episode, Laitia and Zachary argue. Elliott gets Chef Taisier’s endorsement, while Rose runs for director.


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Here is the previous summary online starting from Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Good reading.

“Here It All Begins” synopsis ahead of March 16, 2023

Laetitia and Zacharie argue

Despite the fights between Zachary and Letitia, Gayden finds himself a bystander. Curious, he questions Kelly. The young woman explains to Gayden that Letitia and Zachary have been arguing since they were together. They fight and then he says it’s crazy love between them.

Letitia then offers Salome and Caden to join Zachary and her for lunch. Gaiden has little interest in finding himself in the middle of their fights and tries to cheat. without success. At the restaurant, Zachary orders a moist heart for dessert, but his cake is soggy, he comments to the waiter. The latter offers to change his dessert, but Laetitia refuses, saying that this cake catches her eye. Zachary turns himself in, and the two lovers fight. Laetitia points out that every time she has dinner with Michelin’s guide inspector, she feels like she’s having dinner with him. Salome insists that this is a professional breakdown and that it sometimes happens to her. But without success. Laetitia criticizes Zachary for not seizing the moment and looking for the baby animal. And the argument begins again. Salome and Gaiden are embarrassed. Letitia got up from the table and left the restaurant. Sakari follows her and tries to catch her.

Salome then goes to Letitia’s for coffee. They give a sense of what happened in the restaurant. Laetitia assures Salome that all is well between Zachary and her. And she explains to him that the best is yet to come. Now that they were trapped, Zachary would come back to her like a lamb. At the same time, she receives a text from Chief Landras. Zachary apologizes and invites her to a party at his house tonight. But Letitia will marinate it for their reunion..


Eliot on his way out

Elliot is upset by Greg’s call. His second army marched against him in Tokyo, and he made it clear that he was wanted. Elliot had no choice but to speak to Emmanuel Daisier. He exposes the situation to the latter and proves that Eliot is intractable. He will go to Japan to help Greg even if he draws the line under the diploma. Teysier puts it to the test. If Elliott develops a dessert worthy of a double-A card, he can go to Japan and graduate.

At the end of the day, it’s time to savor. Even though it doesn’t look right, Emmanuelle and Antoine are surprised by this dessert called “Lemon Sponge Tarragon”. Endorsed by Emmanuel Elliott. He will go to Tokyo and take the exam in three months. Elliot thanks Emmanuel and supports him despite accusations of cheating. He respects him and he is proud of what he taught him. Eliot then asks permission to drop by Antoine’s office to apologize for going to visit Tessier. Antoine insists that it is his right. Elliot confesses to him that he is surprised that Tessier accepted his departure. Antoine tells him that Emmanuel received a phone call from Benoit DeLobel that morning. He tells her about Greg’s situation in Tokyo and insists that the experience will be very useful for Elliot. Antoine thinks Emmanuel has already made up his mind when Eliot comes to see him. He also thinks that he would not have done such a gesture for anyone. Antoine tells Eliot that Emmanuel has a lot of respect for him and that’s why he always pushes him to be better.


A new director

Earlier in the day, Emmanuel Daisier was relieved of his duties after admitting to cheating to get the director’s seat. Lewis proposes Claire’s candidacy as interim director pending a vote to renew the directorship, but she declines the offer. So Louis makes his candidacy, much to Antoine’s chagrin.

Early in the morning an idea comes to his mind. Antoine pushes Rose to apply as director. Admittedly, she is no cook, but Antoine believes his companion has other arguments. She was able to defend her master’s degree, she knows how the institution works, the students appreciate her and she is the daughter of Auguste Armand, which will reassure the partners of the school.

A new meeting is organized in the morning and Antoine presents Rose’s candidacy. Lewis feels he doesn’t have the shoulders or the experience to be a director. Rose disagrees with her half-brother. Clotilde thinks this is a good idea. She thinks Rose is qualified enough. Lewis is sarcastic. Antoine recalls that his reputation has been severely damaged by his affair with Charlene. He believes it would not be wise to give him a job. Claire agrees with Antoine. But she keeps her promise and supports her son despite everything. Emmanuelle voices Rose. With a vote of 4 to 2, Rose was appointed as the company’s executive director. He will be sworn in the next day. Lewis acknowledges the blow.

After the meeting, Rose and Clotilde have a discussion. Rose explained to her sister that she was shocked and didn’t have time to warn her before the meeting. However, he doesn’t plan to be a director for long. Master’s movement is enough for her and later, she thinks that her sister is better suited for the role than she is. Rose assures Clotilde that she will support her when the time comes, and she assures her. They will do anything to keep the students from hearing about his involvement in Teysier’s fraud.

For his part, Antoine announces to the students that Rose has been temporarily appointed head of the company. Enzo makes contact with the anonymous message. From this he concludes that Taisier has cheated. Antoine avoids the subject.

Emmanuel searches for someone responsible for his suspension and suspects Clotilde. He shared his suspicions with Constance when a new anonymous message was posted on the company’s WhatsApp group: “This year, members of the Circle: Enzo, Billy, Samia, Vic, Mehdi, Ambre and Theo. To join the Circle, members must share their biggest secret. Theos has just been revealed. Others will soon follow.

Clotilde, for her part, is well aware that only two of the circle’s members, Vic and Ferrigno, know their secrets. So she confronts him. Ferrigno is surprised. He had no idea that someone was spilling the secrets of the circle members and had nothing to do with it. Ferrigno sends a text message to one of his contacts, in which he writes: “I’m not throwing everything at you so you’ll cheat on everyone. Call me back”.

Ambre, Vic, Mehdi, Enzo, Billy and Samia meet at the village cafe. Amber wants them to support each other and find a solution. One step ahead of him, she thinks, they can all unite against this famous informant. But for this to work, they have to reveal their secrets to each other. Amber is ready to reveal her if everyone follows. But Mehdi, Vic and Enzo can’t bring themselves to do so. Amber begins to worry and asks what they did to the point that they don’t want to say anything.

The video portion starts here from Thursday, March 16, 2023

From here it all starts with the common 2023 News Actuals

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