This is what Lucy from the Ranch series looks like today.  See how Ilona Ostrowska has changed [zdjęcia – 13.03.2023]

Millions of Poles mainly associate Ilona Ostrowska with the role of Lucy Wilska in the series “Ranczo”. However, the actress has also played many other film roles, serials and plays. On the fifth of March, it will be 17 years since the broadcast of the first episode of the cult series “The Farm”. On this occasion, we would like to remind you how the main character of “Ranch” has changed over the years!

Ilona Ostrowska was born on May 25, 1974 in Szczecin, and in 1993 she graduated from high school in Wysocki, Lublin District. She studied at the Wroclaw branch of PWST in Krakówfrom which I graduated in 1998.

She worked in Wroclaw at the Polish Theater and K2 Theatre, and in 2002-11 she was an actress at the Contemporary Theater in Warsaw. She has also appeared in many Polish films and TV series, eg. “Loneliness in the network”, “How much does a Trojan horse weigh”, “For good and for bad” or “Commissioner is illiterate”.. However, it brought her the greatest popularity The role of Lucy Wilska in the series “Ranczo”..

This is what Gerozal looks like, i.e. Wilquiege from the Ranzo series. this is me …

‘Ranch’ was broadcast in 2006-09 and 2011-16 and was a real hit. The average viewership for each season was over 6 million viewersWhile the episodes of the fourth season of “Ranch” were watched by nearly 9 million people. Ilona Ostrowska as Lucy created an unforgettable creation that millions of Poles loved.

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