June 7, 2023


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This is how much David Kobaki will earn for the medal in Beijing.  The Ministry dispels doubts

This is how much David Kobaki will earn for the medal in Beijing. The Ministry dispels doubts

The Winter Olympics, which concluded on Sunday, were not very successful for the Poles, and suffice it to say that they were the worst in many years. He won the only medal for the figure skater Daoud KobakiWho managed to take third place in the competition on the regular hill. His fellow Olympic teammates were much less fortunate in Beijing.

He was very close to the medal full stoushWho placed fourth during the competition on a big hill and in the end did not increase his Olympic medals.

The Ministry of Sports dispels doubts. This is how much Kubacki will get for the medal

On Monday, the Ministry of Sports issued a special statement, which the ministry claimed, was issued in response to information in the media about the awards granted within the framework of the Olympic Games.

We can learn from the statement that for winning a certain competition, he is entitled to a prize of 89.5 thousand PLN. zloty. As for silver, he can count on 57.5 thousand. Polish zlotys, and 46 thousand for bronze. zloty. This is the last amount to be paid to the Kubacki account.

In addition, the bird will also receive a prize from From the Polish Olympic Committee (POC). In accordance with the regulations, PKOl Kubacki will receive an additional 50,000. zloty.

In total, he will earn 96 thousand for Olympic bronze. zloty. Had he won, he would have received 120,000 from the Polish Olympic Committee. In turn, the commission pays 80,000 for the silver. zloty.

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The Ministry of Sports confirmed in its announcement that it “has not granted and does not intend to award prizes to the Ministry’s employees in connection with the games that have ended.”