I won't be playing Elden Ring anytime soon.  About how I dress myself

Elden Ring has finally made its debut. The road to the premiere was full of obstacles, but From Software – in collaboration with Bandai Namco – finally managed to bring the long-awaited title to the market. He even collected a mass of 10/10, which only confirmed the expectation that it was worth being patient.

The enthusiasm of the spirit-like fans has been spreading over the past few days. I am very happy that people who love this type of game can spend cold evenings (now even winter and rainy) in the wonderful world created by George R.R. Martin and creators From Software. Reading their reviews on sites and forums, I can see that the market definitely lacks a certain, and even “young” representative of this type.

strong february

It is impossible to pass by such a first show carelessly. Since I noticed the maximum scores, I’ve been constantly wondering when to spend a few weeks here catching up on the Elden Ring. In recent days I’ve spent most of the time on ELEX II, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7. Unless I do, it wouldn’t be possible to squeeze in a more extensive production here, not to put another item on the shelf at the same time. And I don’t like doing that, because in my case, going back to unpacked games can be very difficult.

The influx of PMs in the first quarter of 2022 wasn’t the only reason I bought the Elden Ring. Unfortunately, every time I reached a soul-like state, it bounced back from it faster than I thought. As a result, I became interested in the latest title of Japanese developers not before the reviews of critics, because until then all the information about the game flowed over me like water over a duck.

heavy crossings

Elden ring open world

Why not in my way with souls? The answer is very simple: every time I get a strong “Tariq” of a difficulty level that does not forgive mistakes. When I ride in esports tournaments in F1 2021, in later CoDs or all kinds of RPGs, I can easily set the minimum difficulty level to high, so here I can’t handle the standard. I tried to befriend Bloodborne at least a few times, but each attempt ended after a few hours of fun. If you can call it “fun”, because I was more excited by telling myself it would be better now than I did with a smile on my face.

Even if this sounds like a negative top-down attitude, it wasn’t. More than once in recent years I have tried to understand the phenomenon of Bloodborne, but all my efforts have been in vain. As I emphasized above, the difficulty level for beginners is – in my opinion – too high, and if that wasn’t enough, the low liquidity didn’t help either. Unfortunately, while playing the aforementioned title from the program, I didn’t feel it running at 30fps, especially when there are a lot of normal enemies on the screen. In more arcade locations, it made me feel out of beat.

I thought it might be more appropriate to start with Demon’s Souls (PS5). This spirit, which is a revival of the PS3’s success, has also been received very well by reviewers, so I decided to try my hand at Boletaria. Things went a little better, because I was able to go through the entire castle sequence, but after that, the enthusiasm for discovering more locations gradually began to wane. This was especially due to the checkpoints, which were not enough for me, an amateur of this kind. Each death forced me to go through and kill enemies stationed in previously visited locations, which meant that with each attempt I lost more and more healing tools and had to farm in order to get the necessary items.

easy mode? Nothing similar

Elden Ring boss

I had more fun in Demon’s Souls than in Bloodborne, but it was another production that convinced me that souls like it weren’t right for me. Some may think that I will now try to convince fans of this genre that it will be useful, for example, in the Elden Ring, the so-called “easy mode” but nothing of the kind. I even think that such a solution would somehow kill this type of game, because everyone interested would at some point be tempted to change the gameplay to easy difficulty level and back to standard after killing a boss. Not to mention the fact that the mechanics can suffer greatly, and they will have to be rebuilt and adapted in such a way that the person who takes the first steps in – let’s say – Demon Souls doesn’t leave the game as soon as I do. .

In any case, the saying “everything for people, but not everything for everyone” fits perfectly here. I think everyone here has some kind of game that they hate or are very weak at. For some they will be shooters or racers, getting sharp whips from other people on the server every time, for others from RPGs and flooding the audience with the amount of activity, and the third not suffering from souls for various reasons.

I’ll definitely want to read Elden Ring in the near future, and now it’s hard for me to say if I’m going to live longer this time in the brutal world of From Software. On paper (for example, due to fires near the bosses), the story created by George R.R. Martin is simpler, but is it enough for people trying to understand the spirit-like phenomenon to enjoy seeing the final credits in a representative of the genre? To be honest, I doubt it, because the players’ first opinions clearly indicate that if someone has had souls out of the way before, there is nothing to look for in the Elden Ring.

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