Diablo 2 Resurrection Review - Review.  I would like more changes

OK. I have long wanted to say this with conviction and enthusiasm. Let’s party like it? 2001. Diablo 2 Graphically packed back Diablo 2 resurrected. The game has the same advantages and disadvantages as the original game from 21 years ago, but also with some interesting small improvements. In other words ?? Vicarious Visions provide a powerful revamp of this classic actor who revolutionized the role-playing game. This is great news for all those who, alone or with friends, want to relive their memories or understand what the whole aura was like about 20 years ago. It’s really beautiful. I just don’t know how long this spell will last, because we know this game from the inside out? And new players may already be spoiled for more flashy titles. can keep us with you, Diablo 2 resurrected She will have to make more changes.

Let me tell you, I didn’t get that excited for the first hour or two. And this was the time I left the rogue camp to call out the death hordes of bloodthirsty demons? Well, no, but after a while my penny broke out again Diablo. And so I passed the game with real pleasure. I mean it works even though I have some doubts in my head. But in less time than before Progress About Return of the Ex-King hack? n? n? slashy.

Remember, this is not the result of a game Diablo 2. We issued the above note to the remaster with the title sent.

Remember the spell

NS?? Not everyone can remember why Diablo 2 Yes, very quick reminder ?? I dedicate them to both those seeking information and those starving on a nostalgic journey. Well let’s go.


  1. grandfather Diablo 2 It has become one of the most beautiful slash hacks on the market;
  2. sent almost recreates the impressions of 20 years ago;
  3. Are there some convenient adjustments?? Expanded chest, collecting gold from the ground, clearer personal statistics;
  4. Multiplayer like in the old days, great for having a party with friends;
  5. It’s basically old, good Diablo 2


  1. … which could be the boredom, if we already knew them;
  2. There were no changes to make the game more fun;
  3. The character’s animation stands out a bit from the rest of the scene;
  4. Multiplayer as in the old days, with the same problems (common loot, little variety for many players);
  5. Mercenaries are dumber than the classic version (they lose their way and react worse to threats).

Diablo 2 At one time it was a revolutionary hack (or action RPG, then in trade magazines it was called the latter). Have you shown the scale by which slaughter can be carried out? on demons, and at the same time expanded what the unforgettable prototype had begun, Diablo From 1996. The game took us through a huge diverse and dark world of those times. Including the frigid and brutal north of the annex Lord of DestructionWe traveled through five different countries that will set the standard for the years to come. Atmosphere ?? Although it was a little less dark than the ones in ?? ?? can be cut. and frighten her children.

the most important, The game gave us five? Then seven heroes we can lead in at least several ways. With varying degrees of success, the gameplay did not prevent experiments (I still remember a mad fellow who successfully led a necromancer into a battle ready for close combat… He called him a witch, and that was fine).

Most of all, it was a ridiculous addiction. We couldn’t tear ourselves away from the screens. We wanted to defeat another boss, get another level, get a better item and see what’s next. I won’t mention running after the elements, because that’s the gist of the genre being perfectly executed here. Diablo 2 It had its flaws, unfulfilled promises, as well as strong competition (eg. Noxa Westwood), but he ruled. Thus, thanks to the enlargement and stains, she reigned for many years.

What was this game about? We follow the mysterious Dark Walker who left Tristram after defeating Diablo in Part One and wanders east. Always east. Wherever he went, after a while it was full of evil broods, and the human race suffered. we ?? We were removing mass destruction and taking out hordes of fallen creatures. He does not know life, the one whose heart did not beat, when Dorel attacked the heroes and proved why he deserved the nickname “Pain Train”.

Diablo 2 It stifled our minds for many years. Various games have tried to deal with his legend. Some were larger and more detailed. How do Exile RoadThat already amassed a huge base of players?? but where?? There, in the sub message, was so convinced Diablo 2 He is the king of species (Although these new products are much smoother and funnier.) However, no king rules forever, as the “classic” used to say. It’s different if you give it a proper activation. And that’s what they didn’t offer?? Vicarious Visions Specifications.

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