Robert Więckiewicz doesn't look like that anymore.  It has gone through a nice transformation!

Robert Więckiewicz He is a talented actor, known to viewers mainly for his controversial roles. He is a member of the European Film Academy. He received the Polish Film Award four times and two awards for the leading male role at the Polish Film Festival.

His most famous films are: “The Crown Witness”, “Everything will be fine”, “Wałęsa. Man of Hope”, “How much does a Trojan horse weigh?” , “Lejdis”, “Bad House”, “Różyczka”, “Clergy”, “Under the strong angel”. Więckiewicz He is a versatile actor who brilliantly plays Lech Wałęsa, villains, mafia members, gangs and alcoholics struggling with addiction. We can also see him in “Blinded by the Lights”, “In the dark”, “1983”, “Wesele” or more recently in “Behawiorycie”.

It’s already falling Robert Więckiewicz He will appear in the new series “Minuta silence”, where he plays a retired postman who takes care of his friend’s burial. It turns out that the funeral director unexpectedly refuses to provide the service.

Alexandra Popowskawho plays with Więckiewicz, posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram. The actor looks completely different from his previous roles – he has grown thick hair, a beard and a mustache! We haven’t seen it in such an edition yet. Fans were also surprised, but loved Robert’s new look.


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