2021 European Film Awards awarded. “Ko Vadis, Aida?”  Yasmili Zabanek’s movie is the best movie

34. European Film Award. A festive party was held in Berlin. The best movie of the year was “Quo Vadis, Aida?” Yasmila Zabanek. Jasna Djuricic, who she starred in, won Best Actress of the Year. The Best European Actor of the Year category was won by Anthony Hopkins for his performance in “The Father”.

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“Ko Vadis, Aida?” Yasmili Zpanek tells the story of the war from the perspective of an address translator who lives in Srebrenica, and works for the United Nations. The picture, which was honored in 2020 at the Venice Festival with the Prize of the Catholic Organization for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (SIGNIS), was shot in the co-production of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Germany, Poland, France, Norway, Turkey, Romania and the Netherlands. The Polish producer is Ewa Puszczyńska (“Ida”, “Cold War”). Anthony Komasa Azarkiewicz is responsible for the music.

Bosnian director, Yasmila Španek, won the European Film Award in the Best Director category.

“Aida” Yasmila Shabani competes for the Education for All AwardsGutek . movie

Jasna Djuric and Anthony Hopkins with the European Film Awards for Actress and Actor of the Year

Besides “Quo Vadis, Aida?” The nominees for the European Film Award in the Best European Film category are: “Cabin No. 6” by Juhu Kuzmanen, “Father” by Florian Zeller, “The Hand of God” by Paolo Sorrentino and “Titan” by Julia Docornau. .

Appearing in “Quo Vadis, Aida?” Jasna Djuricic received this year’s Best Actress award. The Best European Actor of the Year category was won by Anthony Hopkins for his performance in “The Father”. Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton also received the award for the screenplay for this film.

Agnieszka Holland at the 34th European Film AwardsPAP / EPA / CHRISTIAN MANG / POOL

Other prizes

Earlier, the statuette in this year’s European Discovery Category (Prix FIPRESCI) was awarded to Emerald Fennell for “Promising Woman. Young Woman”. The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Márta Mészáros, the Hungarian director of, among others, “Nine Months”, “Northern Lights” and “Adoption”, who was honored with a golden bear at the 25th Berlin Festival.

The European Contribution to World Cinema Award was received by Suzanne Pierre, author of “Weddings in Sorrento” and “In a Better World”, among others. The best European comedy of the year was “Ninjababy” directed by Yngvild Sve Flikke. The film “My Uncle Tudor” directed by Olga Lucovnicova won the award for best short film.

Danish director Susanne Behr received an award for her European contribution to world cinemaPAP / EPA / CHRISTIAN MANG / POOL

The winner of the Best Animated Film category was also announced during the ceremony. It was the movie “Escape” by Jonas Poeher Rasmussen. Steve McQueen, creator of the anthology series “Mały Ax” is appreciated for innovative storytelling. Meanwhile, the European Universities Prize (EUFA) went to the film Flee by Jonas Boeher Rasmussen.

Hostess Annabelle MandingPAP / EPA / CHRISTIAN MANG / POOL

European Film Awards

The European Film Awards (EFA) are the most important awards on the Old Continent, equivalent to the American Academy Awards, awarded by filmmakers associated with the European Film Academy. It was first presented in 1988. Then the statuette for Best Film was awarded to Krzysztof Kieślowski for a “short film about murder”. In recent years, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman have received awards among others for the Polish-British animation “Twój Vincent”, Anna Zamica for the documentary “Communion” and Pawe Pawlikowski for the “Cold War”.

Polish director Agnieszka Holland, who is there, appeared at the party President of the European Film Academy, award these prizes.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / CHRISTIAN MANG / POOL

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