March 22, 2023


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Daria Shaducha is looking for private lessons because her daughter "must get 100% in exams".  Netizens are indignant: "And if not, then what ?!".  Consolation of Celebrity Speaks

Daria Shaducha is looking for private lessons because her daughter “must get 100% in exams”. Netizens are indignant: “And if not, then what ?!”. Consolation of Celebrity Speaks

Daria Chaducha is a TV presenter and culinary journalist, best known for her many TVN shows. Among other things, she participated in the program “star agent”which she won. The celebrity is also the mother of two daughters, Laura and Matilda, and shares her opinions on motherhood online. Some time ago, in the series “Intimate Conversations” on “Dzień Dobry TVN” she told about her first birth, which turned out to be very painful.

Now the food blogger has decided to ask her followers to help her daughter, Laura. It turns out that the ladies are looking for a tutor who will help them get the best results in their eighth grade exam. in this occasion Daria She posted a post on her Facebook.

I am looking for private lessons in Maths, German and English. Mathematics and English are necessarily preparatory for the eighth grade exams. We must have 100% on the tests!!!!! I wrote.

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The post immediately sparked discussion among netizens, who apparently didn’t like Shadosha’s words and her “force” of taking her daughter’s exams at 100%.

“We must have it 100%” … and if not, then what?; I understand that it is just a joke and your child is doing well and not feeling any stress…; I hoped it would be a little better in Poland… our poor children; We must have made us laugh 100%.. The child is supposed to have the knowledge and skills in life or should he know the key to completing exams nothing else? I feel a bit too ambitious here on the content; What if it’s not 100%? What do we have? the child confidently feels pressure; Is this a real account?; It’s sad; why not 120% – wrote netizens.

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Deciding to respond to the angry observers’ messages, Shadowcha asked her daughter to … join the discussion.

My dear daughter, join the discussion because Immediately after your words “we must have 100% in exams” they will kick me off facebook. And by the way, greet those who turn away from them Daria replied.

Called to the blackboard, Laura talks to the netizens, admitting that she actually has to get 100% in the exams because the high school she chose requires it.

Dear everyone, it’s my daughter. You dreamed of one place in school and you have to get 100% in the exam. That’s why we want to learn. My mom means good – explained Laura Coletta on Facebook.

In the end, Daria added another post in which she showed joint photos with her daughter and admitted after talking with her daughter “about the future and calling on Facebook for traffic jams before exams” Laura… is happy and feels important.

It’s a good thing we rarely talk seriously about the future, because she said she can’t keep up reading and responding to the various comments. Thank you for your commitment to all the amazing attacks and defenders. Good afternoon. We’re trying to get into high school She said.

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Thank you very much.. someone bragged that they make $5,000 a day on some blogger’s path. At first I didn’t believe it, but I googled Zuzanna Awakowska and when I read what they wrote about him and how much they earn, I decided to give it a try. I don’t regret it… and with all my heart I wish everyone the courage to try new things because it really is worth it. I just wonder why people still work full time? Who wants to know such things

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I will never understand this pursuit of a good high school. I know people who’ve gone and mostly can’t fit in mentally, the pressure of being the best and the results wears them down, the teachers are putting pressure on themselves, high school is a time, apart from studying, we need relaxation, friends and time apart from books. And in the end, it still doesn’t guarantee us a place in our dream studies.

Schools with thresholds are often very toxic. You’d better go to a regular high school.

People don’t really care anymore

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How pathetic a Poodle is looking for tutoring, an ad for a sweater with a logo on the sleeve, an ad for mummy hats, and awkward girls!

And it is not enough to give d … examinees

I don’t know *d…

11 minutes ago

This is Lugdocia! ?

Annoyed by my mom…

11 minutes ago

Last academic year there was a pogrom in Wroclaw. Pupils with red lines on the swaodectwie and an average of over 5.00 have not made it to secondary school. All because of the accumulation of wine, and above all because of Mrs. Zaluska’s reform. Children after this deformity can hardly breathe at school…

I feel sorry for these children. We are neighbors with this lady and in our house there are most of these ambitious fathers, and the most important results, the rat race between fathers and children, who has more and who is better. illness.

Teaching a child that he must be the best take all is wrong. This approach does not come out of nowhere

This sick mother can seek the help of a psychiatrist

Send Lolita to a convent. And she will gain humility and knowledge, and she will have nowhere to go

I do not like this Ladocha, smart and arrogant woman!

After forty…

51 minutes ago

I would like. I have such a girl in my family, always in a row, she must be the best, the best high school in Krakow … and what? In the third grade I broke it, it started to get worse, suicide attempts, depression, genocide. Dear young learners! There is only one important assessment – the assessment that you give yourself and live so that it is good or enough 🙂

must we? Will the mother write too? What a stain. You don’t need 100% for any high school and a kid’s Insta rate, even with the best teachers, won’t be 100%…just the fact that he needs them doesn’t bode well. These results are obtained by very talented people. Moreover, it is one thing to attend a good school and quite another to stay there. I suggest you think about it.

This post made me realize once again that there is no point in arguing with poodles because, unfortunately, people with higher education and broader horizons are in the minority here, and now the pathology of the “road” that offended me has voted negative …